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Here you will find my latest work, all my prices and packages and also a piece of me in my photos.






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I get soooo many questions regarding styling, planning and time management on your weddingday. What to think about the styling on  your preshoot. Familysessions, how to make sure the kid is happy and content on the time for the session. And if you want inspiration for a planned session, with me or anyone else, just go there and sign yourself up!! All you need to do is write your email and push the subscribe button!

Also I want you to think about prints and albums. Because what good is your digital files if they simly are taking up space in your computer? Really, you want to be able to pick an album up and look at the familyphotos or weddingphotos over and over again. Easy.

I had a bride write me latest yesterday saying she looks at her weddingphotos every day! wow, I mean thats just amazing. Make it easier for you, your family and friends to look at those memories together. So send me an email at and let me helpyou with that.

Another thing I am over thrilled about, I am opening up my studio this weekend!!! Yay!

My diploma from Swedish chapionship in Photography, category creative portrait


My second diploma for the category Children in the Swedish Championship in photography.


One of my products. It is so stunning and the usb is absolutely stunning, in glass

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