Winter couple-sessions in the snow – get those Fun loving photos


Winter couple-sessions in the snow, we all love them. But what do you need to do to get them? here goes.

Hire your all time favourite photographer (ME)

Things you can do to get the fun photos in the snow.

  1. Go ice-skating, bring some sweet accessories. The photos in the gallery is taken by the awesome photographer Victoria Titova
  2. Piggy back and taste the snow on your toungues (silly but oh so effective). Photos by: Madison Malt Photography
  3. Snowball-fight are the thing! Photos by: Madison Malt Photography
  4. Snuggle up in a blanket together.
  5. Hand in hand running is always sweet.
  6. Why not start a bonfire and grill marshmallows
  7. Snowangels.

When doing those Winter couple-sessions in the snow you might also want some advise on clothing:

Skip the overalls or heavy thick jackets, why not instead go for a those thick wool sweaters, knitted gloves and scarfes. And don’t forget the layer on layer. I promise, this will make all the difference.

You know I offer a discount of 50% if you book a session with me (not wedding nor brand) in january… Well I offer 1-2 hours of photo and 5 digital files, high resolution and hand edited for 3 000kr (instead of 6 000kr). Head here to book or just send me an email here

And if you’re not a couple but still want those magical photos in the snow, you can still do snow angels and have a snowball fight, no worries.

You can get magical photos in the snow no matter who you are. I have picked some other reasons to get out in the snow. Being pregnant is one, getting the entire family out and capture some beautiful memories. Daddy and me, mommy and me, hell why not a boudoir session.

Winter sessions in the snow with a kid just loving it

See you soon if not in my email! 😉




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