NYC elopement in my heart & on my mind

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I have a crush on NYC and a NYC elopement is constantly craving my mind. I miss the city that never sleeps so much it hurts. I’ve been there over 5 times the last 8 years and I keep wanting to get back.

How it all started

In 2014 I didn’t have a clue I would be working full-time as a wedding photographer nisched to elopements. However, I was a crazy Swedish- Polish gal who got an idea on the gala dinner evening that would make a big difference to us.

We were attending a Round Table event, and thankfully one of the tablers had a camera. We went out of the hotel (The New Yorker) and out on I think it was 43th street with the Empire state building behind us and I wanted to be walking hand in hand in the middle of the street. Popular? not at all -You’re blocking traffic and so many biltutor were at us. I just screamed back – I know, and I LOVE IT!

NYC elopement red dress and red empire state building

What we didn’t see then ,was that the ESB had the same colour as my dress. I gotta show it to you. Don’t mind the quality, it is what it is.

……and in 2017…..

Not to forget me and my husband had a NYC elopement, and planning for it was the beginning of becoming a wedding photographer. I loved planning it and all the stuff we did and the choices we made that day was totally intentional and everything we wanted to include. Our theme was Vintage travel, and I’ll make another blogpost about the planning of our dream NYC elopement .

NYC elopement, couple by the press lounge
Photo by: Robert Carlo
NYC elopement, couple by the press lounge
Photo by: Robert Carlo
NYC elopement, couple by the press lounge
Photo by: Robert Carlo


NYC elopement s is something that I offer especially for autumn 2021, and in my package the amazing officiant Eva Engman at Swedeheart weddings – her amazing ability to capture the couples personal love story and include it in the ceremony.

NYC with the view  of Empire state building
LOL the first photo I ever took in NYC

Listen to the instagram LIVE I did with her as a guest

You will find a two-day inspirational timeline of how a NYC elopement can look like and it includes Tiffany’s and sunrise portraits at Brooklyn bridge. #SayNoMore


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