How to tell your family and friends that you are eloping?


I know, tell your family and friends that you’re eloping is a big deal. This is a reason why some people hesitate to eloping. “That’s not how we do in our family” or “I could never do that to my parents”.

One thing to remember is, who are you doing this for? Your parents, or your friends? No, I assume you want to get married for your love. Your wedding day should be about you and if you’re not into standing in a ballroom with hundreds of eyes on you, then maybe eloping is a good option. Still figuring out if eloping is for you?

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5 tips on how to tell your family and friends that you are eloping

  • Tell them in person.
  • Be real about your why.
  • Do NOT apologize!
  • Let them know how they can be involved.
  • Share all your excitement.

1. Tell them in person.

This might be obvious, but many of us feel like disappearing is the best choice when you know someone will be upset. That is not the best option. Be true to your why and the fact that you guys are getting hitched YOUR way, not what anyone else expect you to do. But tell them in person.

2. Be real about your why

This is also something to ell in person. Once they understand your reason of eloping , either they’ll be happy for you or they won’t. But without sugarcoating, if they can’t be happy for you, then they should ask them-selfs to whom you are marrying for…?

3. Do NOT apologize!

Just don’t. Many times when we apologize, we are really saying that we are doing something wrong. In this case, you are not doing anything wrong. You are simply saying yes to ourself, and your spouse.

4. Let them know how they can be involved.

Be generous and let them know how they can help you with planning your wedding experience. Also, something really valuable is asking them to write personal notes that you read as a part of your ceremony. This will make them feel part of it. Or you could choose to elope somewhere where you can livestream your ceremony, and in that way make them part of your elopement.

5. Share all your excitement.

Another way of making them a apart of your day is letting them in on all your plans. Let them hear about your exciting plans and the things you want to do in your elopement. When they see your happiness, and how excited you guys are, they won’t be upset any more.

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