Need qualification? Your most asked questions on elopements.


Do you have questions on elopements that need clarification?

Good because I am happy to help out.

I thought I would help you sort among a few questions I have received lately.

a  centerpiece bouquet is common in weddings but the questions remains regarding elopements

1. I don’t understand the difference between a smaller wedding and an elopement?

An elopement is free from any ideas of how a wedding “is suppose to be”. When a couple decides to elope, they have been intentional on what they want to do on their wedding-day and where they want to be and who to invite, instead of tradition leading the way. A smaller wedding is still rather bound to traditions that a wedding often are associated with.

2. Can I still bring flowers to our elopement?

Of course. What kind of flowers all depends on your chosen destination of the elopement and if it involves hiking. But you can choose whatever you want on your day, that´s the fun of it. You want lots of florals, then you need to pick a place where that is possible. Or you still want your father to walk with you to the ceremony, that’s absolutely possible. You decide!

A bride tribe partypose into the camera

3. Is the ceremony legit?

Good question. It all depends on the destination and that country’s laws. Some people do the “real” ceremony in their home country, and then the ceremony of the elopement is more personal and symbolic. But that’s really up to you. I offer to help out with this part of the planning.

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4. Isn’t it hard to fill up a whole day, I mean what do you do all day?

When I get this question I always seem to drop my jaw… I mean, when you throw out the rulebook of what you’re suppose to do, then you can do whatever you want. If you want to hike, kayaking, eat gourmet food or have a private cook at a private catamaran out to sea, do so. One thing is sure, you don’t have to stress on your day or pay attention to the guests needs.

5. Is it true we can’t bring any guests?

This is a common questions I get.

No. You can bring as many guests you want, naturally. As I said before my definition on eloping is at the focus lyes on the wishes of the couple. And I do see that the more people you invite the more difficult it gets to keep that focus. All of the sudden you need to entertain or think about where you place the guests etc.

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A couple looking out from a boat window.
In Sthlm you can take boats to so many islands. There’s over 24 00 to choose from.
Details of a ring holder with sand and engagement ring, flowers, champagne glasses
Elopements on the beach is always a good idea.
Midnight skinny dipping is a brilliant idea and will def be a memory for life


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