a stunning urban Elopement in Stockholm in early spring!


An urban elopement at it’s best!

When Balal called me that Saturday evening he said they were a spontaneous couple and their urban elopement would take place during the easter weekend. I was so happy, because a short notice elopement requires so much more planning and that’s something I truly love to do!

Wedding couple sharing a cone with icecream
Sharing a cone of ice-cream
Popping confetti outside a castle
Castles in a royal garden is perfect for confetti bombs
A elopement couple standing in a subway getting ready to step off.
Inside a subway makes for stunning urban elopement photos

An urban elopement with many options

We started off art the city hall, as the architecture and scenery is absolute stunning there. And then we continued to Riddarholmen to get some backdrop photos of the city hall. And the closeness to the water also adds to the typical Stockholm scenery-

Stockholm city hall and the couple in stunning lights
Stunning architecture and lights
Wedding couple at the cityhall in Stockholm, stadshusbröllop par som kysser varann
Beautiful arches and the lights peeps, the light
Close up under the veil, under slöjan foto vid stadshuset i Stockholm
This look my friends, to die for.
Couple in the foreground and a boat in focus behind them
Holding each other and the cithall tower behind them
Leaning the bride back

What next…?

Time for the subway ride before taking off with a car to another hill for some scenic views. They were all up for it!!

Looking into thr glass of the subway to see how she looks
Subway peeks are always a good idea
urban elopement couple standing in a subway getting ready to step off.
Stunning don’t you agree?

They wanted to go to Skinnarviksberget because Radwa always wanted to have a picnic there with Balal, but it just never happened. And wow – the view is gorgeous. What a spot!!

A urban elopement involves Walking up to Skinnarviksberget in Stockholm hand in hand
Holding hands kissing ión top of a hill and the veil is blowing in the wind
Magestetic view no?!
urban elopement with the sky and the couple
You, me and the sky

…..and suddenly the time had come for some castle photos and a picnic on the beach.

Yes, you did read that right… we went to Ulriksdal castle, and a nearby beach. It was windy but the photos turned out beautifully. Who can blame them for wanting it all….? I know I would too….

On the beach in this urban elopement lying down the bride has gotten dried rose pedals over her

The bride brought Dino, which was the first gift Balal bought her, and together with butterflies they both are the brides favourite animals.Gotta love that. So intentional to bring those items along in their urban elopement day.

urban elopement on the beach of Ulriksdal castle
Dino and the butterfly brosch is the brides favourite animals. SWEEET!
Popping confetti outside a castle
Ulriksdal Castle, a perfect gem for any urban elopement

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Hope you enjoyed this blogpost!

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