Stunning Elopement couple session amongst the blooms of Ulriksdal



This elopement couple session was quickly planned for. I got contact with Alexandros and Isabella through my elopement claritycall on the 26th of May. The session was planned less than two weeks later. I immediately felt a connection with this Greek couple, and I was so right, their elopement couple session was such a joy to shoot.

Both of them did tell me that they needed direction in front of the camera. This is something I hear often, and thankfully I felt that I could help them be at ease. The photos says it all, don’t you think?

3 things to think about when you prepare your elopement couple session

elopement couple session, popping champagne

  • Be ware of brand logos visible on your clothes, and skip any clothes with big patterns.
  • Add some nice accessories such as a summer hat, big earrings or red lipstick
  • Bring champagne to pop, it always adds loads of fun-and-play to the photos.

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elopement couple session under the tree kissing

What Isabella and Alexandra said about the session:

What a fantastic photographer Evelyn Wallin is! if you’re in need of a down to earth photographer who makes you feel sooo at ease in front of the camera, go a head and check her out!


elopement session couple standing on a rock  with bloom in the fore ground
elopement session, in syren bloom
elopement session under the tree kissing
elopement session couple cuddling
elopement couple session close and intimite


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