5 latest elopement wedding – the gorgeous variety of my job

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As a elopement wedding photographer I get to see so many different and creative ways of getting hitched. I think this is what I love the most about this job. So I wanted to share with you the 5 latest elopement weddings I have worked with to show you the fun and creative ideas of my lats 5 couples.

Lets be real – you can plan your elopement wedding the way you want, so let me show you how

  • Five weeks ago I did E & M’s corona wedding, this is how they did it.

This wedding was planned several times, and the couple needed to replan a few times before they executed their dream wedding. As for many others they went through so many emotional stages and were uncertain if they would even go through with it. It had been draining to give up some of their original plans, and try to rethink. I spent some time helping out and giving them the support they needed to start to rethink. Their second plan didn’t really go through but tehy ended up with a beautiful and stunning elopement wedding day.

elopement wedding, groom kissing his brides hadn
elopement wedding, groom intimate touching his brides face
The look of love for sure!
elopement wedding, bridal couple holding hands, bride looking into camera
elopement wedding first look as the bride is walking up to her groom from the back
elopement wedding chering on the newly weds outside of church
elopement wedding, bridal tribe portrait on the dock
elopement wedding a bridesmaid with one of the children putside of church

2. 4 weeks ago I did the fun and magical adventure elopement in Stockholm

You can see more on this particular elopement wedding in my urban portfolio , but here are a few of my faves!

elopement wedding, adventure elopement bride on bike towards Stockholm cityhall
Bride Anneliese on her way to cityhall…
elopement weding, kayaking on their day
elopement wedding, adventure elopement a cat getting pampered wearing a bow tie
elopement wedding a bride looking over her shoulder at her tattoo
elopement wedding, adventure elopement biking towards their wedding at cityhall
elopement wedding
elopement wedding, wedding couple kissing with the bikes
elopement wedding, wedding couple walking on a stone edge holding hands

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3. Three weeks ago I shoot this City hall elopement wedding – it was full of authentic love

K & D contacted me to do their elopement wedding at city hall as their original plan didn’t work out (international travel restrictions due to Covid). I love the Stockholm cityhall, it has so many gems if you just allow yourself to do the little extra. Have a peek.

elopement wedding cityhall couple holding each other, looking at each other
elopement wedding couple portrait groom looking into the camera
elopement wedding bride and groom standing under arches at city hall looking into the horizon
elopement wedding bridal portrait looking into the camera holding her bouquet
elopement wedding at cityhall couple holding hands talking to each other as they walk away
elopement wedding couple standing at cityhall talking
Stockholm cityhall, how beautiful isn’t it?!

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4. 2 weeks ago I shot a royal lika elopement wedding by the royal castle of Drottningholm, outside of Stockholm.

These two contacted me with rather short notice and we got to spend some lovely time together as I covered their stunning elopement wedding that they streamed live for those who couldn’t attend. Have a look at this…

elopement wedding bride walking up to her groom
They sure look like royalty, and the weather.. man this is stunning..
elopement wedding forst look from behind as the bride holds her hand on her grooms sholder
elopement wedding veil flowing in th ewind at first look when they kiss
elopement wedding bridal portrait by the sea
elopement wedding as groom is kissing his brides ring finger
These closeups are just so lovely don’t you think?!
elopement wedding Drottningholm royal castle bromma
elopement wedding bride and bridesmaid taking a selfie outside of Bromma church
elopement wedding bride and groom in golden hour at royal garden of Drottningholm castle

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5. last weekend I went up to Sollefteå, in Norrland and did a fun, stunning scenic and epic elopement wedding

A & P planned for as party at Hallstaberget hotel in the middle of a mountain in Sollefteå, and they helped me scout for the best portrait asking a local photographer for help. Normally I do scout but being so far away from Stockholm this truly was helpful. They took time from their schedule the day before to show me around and we decided where to go the following day. Have a peek this is stunning!

elopement wedding first look in a wide open landscape
Magnificent and epic scenery, when all is big this is what you get.
elopement wedding first look
elopement wedding veil portrait bride and groom kissing
Always a good idea with a veil shot!
elopement wedding portrait in the forrest
elopement wedding close up in the forrest
elopement wedding bridal portrait among the trees by a lake
elopement wedding kissing close by the water
elopement wedding boy walking with a sign in church
The sign says ” For once they’re in time – here comes the wedding couple!”
elopement wedding bride getting into a pink dodge
elopement wedding cheering for the bride and groom with rice
elopement wedding bride wiping a tear from grooms face during first dance
elopement wedding a foggy portrait up a mountain
Why golden hour when foggy hour is just as stunning – if not more!

You see, such a variety of elopement weddings I get to see!

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