Stunning winter elopement sessions to be inspired by!


In Stockholm the high season of elopement weddings is during May until the end of September. After that the season is slower, but I encourage any couple that are considering to get hitched to do it off season because winter elopements are stunning.

Reasons that it is a slower season aka low season:

  1. The weather, obviously spring – summer and early autumn is easier to go through with stunning dresses, bare legs and warmth, I understand that.
  2. Nature is thriving with blooming flowers and green scenery.
  3. The sun is up longer during this part of the year which makes for stunning sunsets and it’s easier to stay up late.
winter elopement putting on rings in snow storm
Brave brides in this winter elopement by the sea
winter elopement couple reading and saying their vows by the icy sea

So how do we deal with this? And is this really the simple truth? I say NO way! This is my take on these above reasons.

Answer to number 1: It’s easy to have long johns under a dress to keep warm. You don’t have to be afraid of sweating, You can bring warm clothes and then take them off for the portraits for a short while at a time. I always bring small warm pillows that you can out in special places like in the bra, or lower back.

Answer to number 2: Nature during autumn and winter may not be in bloom but you can get highly moody and adventurous and wild photos during autumn, and winter magic is stunning. Besides if you’re lucky enough for sunshine during late autumn and winter it will be golden lights all day. The sun is standing so low so it will be beautiful lights as long as the sun is around, and thats my reply to number 3.

winter elopement laughing at the ceremony in snowstorm
winter elopement coupl ecaressing a cheek in snowstorm elopement ceremony
Reading vows outside in the snowstorm takes two badass women
winter elopement couple putting on the rings in snowstorm

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winter elopement in Sweden reading vows by the icy water
winter elopement kissing hand during ceremony in winter wedding
winter elopement ceremony in snowstorm
There’s something special with putting on the rings in an outside ceremony
winter elopement putting on the ring

The season for winter elopements also give you the advantage that most venues are available, flights are cheaper and you will likely be able to book all of your favourite vendors (aka me).

winter elopement Dolomites first kiss in snowstorm
winter elopement goofy first kiss
winter elopement doing the hollywood kiss
winter elopement kissing in a hollywood kiss
winter elopement in Sweden reading vows by the icy water

5 Tips on how to pull off a winter elopement

  1. Use layers and layers of long johns under the dress, it doesn’t show in photos.
  2. If you are havinga venue, make it as cosy as possible with tons (almost) of candles in different lengths, also add wool and other warming fabrics.
  3. Bring hot cocoa to the portrait session, and make sure you have loads of warm blankets and jackets. You can easily take them off for the stunning photos and still not freeze.
  4. Have bloody fun! It will take away the coldness if you fool around a bit, chase each other, have a snowball fight.. Yes you did read the right words.. It is suppose to be fun, and it will look stunning in your pics.
  5. Bring champagne. One to shoot off for pics and one to keep you warm.
winter elopement detail of a table setting
Don’t be afraid to add some bright colors. It makes the photos pop and it’s stunning!
winter elopement ceremony details

You can also add a fake fur or a beautiful warm jacket that you don’t have to take off. It can add to the feel of your winter elopement.

winter elopement two brides sitting by a table in the snow
winter elopement table setting by the lake
winter elopement fun when snow is falling over the table
winter elopement sitting by the table looking to separete ways

Don’t be afraid to add extra colour, it will pop stunningly in the winter landscape.

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winter elopement in Sweden reading vows by the icy water
winter elopement table details

Want even more inspiration?

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winter elopement sitting in a green chair in the woods
winter elopement in the woods two brides eating cupcakes
winter elopement brides giving and feeding each other cupcakes

Having fun during your day is so critical for stunning photos, you can read more about posing here

winter elopement two brides walking in the winter snowy forest hand in hand
winter elopement two brides swirling in the winter forest

Thank you so much for tuning in and reading my posts! Let me know in comments what you think about this one!

Talk soon

XoX Evelyn


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