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So, this is the post that reveals why you are paying so much money for a wedding photographer and why you should hire me.

It’s no news to anyone that hiring a wedding photographer is expensive. I know there are some of you out there who are saying that it doesn’t have to be expensive, that there’s always going to be people willing to be less expensive for their portfolio or being new in the business makes them charge less. But do you know what you are getting? Are you certain that the chosen photographer has enough experience to know how to handle unexpected moments, situations, weather etc? Is your wedding day the best day to try someone who you are not certain will be able to deliver the best possible version of your day?

I know there are people out there that charge way to little, and are talented. But, they are not that many, and that is not what this post is about.

This is a post that reveals what you’ll be getting when you hire me.

hire me Evelyn Wallin looking into the back of her camera

You want to know what these things are?

Here is a list:

  1. A contract. This my friends makes life easier both for you and me. There will be less (or no) misunderstandings, and it secures so many things both for you and me. So the first thing you do, is to read and sign the contract I send you. In this contract it says what package you’ve booked, the date of your wedding and it talks about my gear and insurance, delivery and also what happens if I would get sick on your wedding day. This gets me to number 2.
  2. You will never stand alone on your wedding day without a photographer if anything unexpected happens to me or my family. The network I have with colleagues is invaluable. Without the important people around me, it’s impossible to manage a business as a wedding photographer. But, not everyone has that network, trust me. And you want a photographer who can offer that.
  3. With the amount of weddings I have gone through, I can tell you, I have seen quite a lot, and managed quite a lot. If you haven’t planned that many weddings so my expertise is really to your favour. And I offer it to you when you hire me.
hire me and a cityhall elopement stadshusbröllop i Stockholm

4. Not only do I have all the weddings I have worked at, I also have the educations, workshops, mentorships and contests I have entered. The people that have believed in me since the start such as Helena Parmer, Malin Norlen and Jenny Puronne.

5. I have earned a journeyman’s certificate which is one of the highest proof of experience and reliability in my profession as a photographer. Pssst and I am fetching it irl on Wednesday in the same spot as the nobel dinner takes place. If I am excited?hell YES.

hire me, gesällbrev inom fotografyrket
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6. The technical skills that a wedding demands obviously has to do with the cameras (of course I use two on weddings), but also the eye to see the moments as they pass. Change of timeline, different lighting not only with the weather forecast if you’re doing an outdoor wedding, but indoors as well. Lowlight environments as churches, dinner rooms or castles demand not only a camera that can handle low light but also understanding of light.

7. Back ups. External drives can crash, your house can burn to the ground and our computer may crash. I use both a NAS with several drives, the cloud and a web gallery to make sure your photos are safe.

I could add so much more to the list but let’s save those for a future post.

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hire me, a elopement wedding kissing close by the water

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