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Getting hitched in Sweden, you just never know what weather you will get. October is considered being low-season, most couples prefers getting married during summertime, spring and early fall. But I was thrilled when I was able to shoot J & S cityhall elopement. They dared to plan their cityhall elopement in October and how stunning wasn’t this?

Enjoy this inspiring post!

cityhall elopment having fun in the stairs of cityhall
cityhall elopement standing in the window laughing
cityhall elopement couple walking up the stairs at cityall hand in hand

cityhall elopement couple cuddling on the couch
cityhall elopement walking couple into the ceremony

5 Tips how to plan your fall cityhall elopement

  • Use the dress you want. I know it’s going to be cold. But bring a warm jacket, a blanket etc, you’ll be able to get warm between the portraits.
  • Is it going to rain? Use transparent umbrellas and buy yourself some nice and colourful Wellingtons. That will make the photos so more fun and special.
  • Remember you’re hopefully doing this once in your lifetime. Make sure to celebrate properly! You can still have friends and family come to cheer on you when you exit the ceremony. Bring an extra bottle of champagne to pop and spray outside. That adds so much more celebration feels.
  • Bring the photographer to the dinner afterwards, you do want the short (or long) speeches even if you made a cityhall elopement.
  • Why not add an after wedding day shoot. We could plan to do some activities you both enjoy and going places you guys love, without adding stress on your actual wedding-day. Yay let’s do this!
cityhall elopement rings exchange

Rings exchange are so special

cityhall elopement kissing outside the ceremony
cityhall elopmenet couple walking down the stairs in Stockholm cityhall
cityhall elopement stadshusbröllop i Stockholm
cityhall elopement bride looking at her flowers

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cityhall elopement couple cuddling
cityhall elopement couple standing by a wall of fall coloured leafs
cityhall elopement couple standing by the big architectural cityhall building
cityhall elopement couple running hand in hand
cityhall elopement where the couple are standing by the water under a moody sky

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