10 tips you want your photographer to tell you!

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As an elopement photographer that has helped over 100 couples with their wedding day, I have now put together this list of 10 tips you want to know beforehand! This covers some of the things you might not think about.

10 tips for you elopement day, couple kissing

10 tips starting here!

Tips 1:

THE kiss!

My first tip has to do when it’s time for THE kiss. So here comes. Take it slow. Hold THE kiss for 3-5 seconds! You want this moment to be paused as dramatic as it is! And it helps the photographer to get a few extra shots. 😉

10 tips for you elopement day, couple kissing
Gorgeous kiss. You want it to last forever, just hold it for a few seconds longer…

Tips 2:

Toast couple and group constellations!

The toast couple can help you for the group photos to run smoothly. A proper list, made to reveal the name and order of the family group constellations is really helpful. Toastmaster and madame can gather those people in the right order during the mingle and bring them to the photographer for the the group shots. This will take less time from the precious and expensive time of the photographer. Just let the couple know where that photographer will be, and make sure they tell everyone who’s next in line for group photos!

Tips 3:

Bridesmaid and mother of the bride!

Bridesmaids should have done their makeup and hair and put their dresses on (or at least their robes) when helping the bride with her dress. It won’t be as pretty with photos and one of the bridesmaids is wearing her pyjamas. And do not forget the mother of the bride, I am sure she will want everyone else to finish before she gets ready… but, IF she is going to help her daughter with jewelry and dress then you need to help her to get ready before the bride is fully dressed!

10 tips for you elopement day, getting ready with family
10 tips for you elopement day, daughters helping the bride with dress
Daughters and sister of the bride helping the bride with her dress.

Tips 4:

Putting on the rings!

Hold the hands from the bottom when you put on the rings, so the hand won’t hide the ring in your photos!

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Tips 5:

The officiant!

Please make sure to tell the officiant to move to the side before she says the kiss line. I’ve seen it so many times, the head of the officiant in between the couple on The Kiss Photos.

Tips 6:

Remind your bridesmaids and best men that they are going to be photographed during the day and definitely when they walk down the aisle! When they walk down the aisle, tell them to walk slowly and look up smiling. So common they walk too fast looking down.

Tips 7:


Love letters!! I’ve seen them a few times now and man do they add emotion to the ceremony! Take some time before your day to write your own love letters to one another. You can read them during the ceremony to add emotion and excitement. But if you don’t want it to be read in public, you can do it during the portrait session, in private. A beautiful intimate moment.

10 tips for you elopement day, reading a loveletter from the bride
J started writing in a journal the day A proposed, the book she left her groom on their elopement day!

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Tips 8:

Clean space!

Make sure your company, bridesmaids, and mother keep your room and space clean when you get ready. It makes for much prettier photos!

Tips 9:


Place markers centered where you should stand for the ceremony beforehand. Not standing in the center is so annoying to look at afterward, and this is such an easy way to stand centered without having to overthink it.

Tips 10:

Magic portraits.

If you allow me, I can capture the true dynamic between you two. Trust me, I will guide you when needed, but I can never guide you into being honest and vulnerable. This comes from you. So be honest and embrace all the emotions that you’re feeling and all the bubbles and excitement will show in the photos. Trust me! 

This was the 10 tips for now, maybe I’ll do another post with some more, let me know if you found this post useful!

10 tips for you elopement day, the experience couple on a windy day on top of a mountain

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Until next time!

XoX Evelyn


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