A Stunning summer wedding at Ekensdal to remember


When you decide to have a wedding at Ekensdal, you are in for a treat. In this post I hope to inspire you with a gorgeous couple and a stunning venue located at the very from of the Stockholm archipelago. So let’s dig in.

Wedding at Ekensdal

Let us start with the first look. They decided to have their first look out by the water. Let me say it was stunning. Isak was waiting out on the dock and having his beautiful Anna walking down the stairs behind him just gave me goosebumps.

Close up on the groom
Groom at Hotel J waiting for his bride for first look
First look
Bride walking down the stairs

I think te photos speak for them-self, don’t you agree?

Bride leaning on her husband to be
Groom sees his bride on the first look
Kisses under the first look

5 tips for a wedding at Ekensdal

  • Take a boat for the guests to arrive to the ceremony
  • You can also have the portraits taken around the venue without risking the guests to see you
  • Under the oak is a perfect spot for the ceremony.
  • The mingle is perfect to have outdoors with the Finland ferries and sailing boats passing by.
  • Don’t forget the golden hour session here, because it is a stunning spot for it, and you have the cliffs and water just around the house. You only need 15 minutes.

I love that you so easily fall into the portrait part of the day just after the first look, the mood is right and it all comes very natural. So here are some examples of their portraits.

wedding at ekensdal, couple giving the fearless signs
Wedding at Ekensdal couple kissing under some trees

Ceremony & Mingle at Ekensdal

The venue is beautifully located close to the water so boats passing by is common. It makes for a stunning backdrop when you have the ceremony outdoors. Even the mingle area is beautiful.

Wedding at ekensdal couple kissing as husband and wife
priest saying the last words
wedding at Ekensdal mingle by the water

Dinner & Golden hour

When you decide to have a wedding at Ekensdal, you really need to know this, the food will NOT disappoint. Quite the contrary. It it de-li-sh. And again you have a good area to entertain yo9ur guests and when it is time for golden hour, you have the perfect location just outside the house.

I hope you have been inspired by this post.

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