Let’s get married your way! 5 elopement trends of 2024!

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As we know, the world is constantly changing. I will reveal 5 elopement trends is very much based on the weddings that will be planned no matter what goes on in the world. We all thought the world of weddings would’ve gotten back to “normal” (as we know it) by now. It’s still very uncertain what the future of weddings will look like, but I am here to tell you that the trends I see will reassure all of you planning to get hitched during 2024-2025.

A wedding couple in the lavender fields in Provence, the groom is lifting his bride up and both are laughing

Provence elopement, lavender fields. What more do I need to say?

Elopement couple piggyride with a champagne bottle ready to be opened among bushes of purple flowers

Garden elopement on a summers day in a park close to Stockholm

Hire a planner (or a special kinda photographer – aka me) that will help with planning. This will help any couple with less stress, and more options. Having someone looking at your story from the outside, asking the right questions will be very helpful. Let the planner do the research on locations and vendors, and all you need to do is show up and get married!!

Include family and friends

  • ….through zoom. This is a gorgeous way to have the “just- us” experience and still let family and friends be part of the ceremony. You can set up a stand and let the closest take part of your day!
  • Have your family and friends write special notes for you to read during the day. Having your family members thoughts about the day and you on your wedding day is truly special and highly valuable. Also make sure they know that it will be photos taken (from afar) while you read.Orr a video message is also very sweet and memorable, however most people will be more personal writing thoughts than speaking out loud what they think.
  • Make them through a “Off-er-go” dinner and party, or a dinner as you return.

couple hugging with stunning backdrop in The Dolomites
Elopement in Venice during low season is always a brilliant idea. This is in April.

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Weekend elopements!

So many couples are choosing to split their wedding into several days. That gives you the possibility to spend time with family and friends on Saturday and have a reception dinner, play games and spend precious quality time with loved ones. And then be able to do the “just-us” experience on Sunday and include whatever activity you want without having to think about the guests.

vackert med kyssande brudpar framför ett vattenfall i Vemdalen

This is in Sweden, Vemdalen. I have had the pleasure to photograph several elopement couples here and know all the must do’s.

Invest in a professional wedding photographer.

No matter how you plan your elopement, you want to save the moments for later in life, and for generations ahead. A professional photographer will see things you don’t and will also help to make everything look insanely stunning. Who doesn’t want that? If you choose an experienced photographer they (I) will help you with the planning and give experienced advise.

Brudpar som går i soluppgången hand i hand i Rom och tittar mot solen

Elopement session in Rome during the sunrise.

Plan it the same way your would a big wedding! Your love and your day are just as important no matter the number of guests or the way you choose to celebrate. And everyone deserves the best memories from one of the most important days in their life. You can still have an intimate day with your personal touches.

brud i medeltida brudklänning utanför ett Skottskt slott i Kilmartin, i en höstig bröllopsdag bredvid högt gräs
Elopement in Kilmartin Castle in Scotland

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