Is a winter-wedding really a good idea? Oh Yes: A mountain wedding in Vemdalen.


Let’s enjoy the sneak peeks from last weekend. A winter wedding in Vemdalsskalet was the obvious choice for Emanuel & Astrid. They just love skiing and at this location, they have, many times. They invited family and friends to fun adventures in a several-days-celebration in the Swedish mountains. Gathering everyone to to live together in mountain cabins during a few days before their wedding/day, was a great experience. Allowing family and friends to get to know each other in fun activities before made everyone at ease and comfortable at the actual the wedding-day.

bride and groom looking at each other in a winter lanscape, and a treehouse behind them

Why choose a winter wedding?

  1. The light is soft which is optimal for photography. The snow falling is so romantic, and even if it is a really shady day, the brightness of the snow acts as a reflector, letting us get beautiful light.
  2. In Sweden, winter is low-season for weddings, this means that you more likely can book your favorite vendors, the venue, the photographer, Make up artist as they are less likely to be booked.
  3. There is no risk for harsh sun making shadows, which means you can choose wherever you want to have your ceremony. In summer you really need to follow the sun and choose a spot where you have shade to get the best photos.
  4. You can choose more the long sleeved dress & accessories without worrying about sweating.
  5. You can make s’mores over a bonfire as a part of the day.

Groom waiting for his bride, to see her for the first time. He is looking into the camera with a suit
Bride walking with her bouquet in her hands towards her groom in the first look

Beautiful spot for a first look, just outside the Vemdalen church

Groom kissing his bride on the side of her head and holding her
Bride with her headpiece on her way to the car ina winter landscape, turning to the camera

Beautiful accessories are easier to add during a winter wedding. And boy does Astrid wear it stunningly

Grooms together in line happy, suits and behind them is a tree cottage och the snow is slowely falling

How handsome are they? VERY.

Bridesmaids and the bride holding the bouquets together

Let’s stop for a second, and just take in the beautiful color scheme, the different shades in the dresses together with the flowers. Love it!


Venue: Restaurang Toppen, Vemdalen

Church: Vemdalens kyrka

Flowers: Erinalva

Hair & Make up: K.A.M Frisör & Make up

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Beautiful church during the wedding c eremony

Such a beautiful church

Confettibombs spreading a s the bride and groom comes out from the church

I can tell you, this couple knows how to celebrate.

Couple walking away in the middle of a road towards mountains in the background
Close up on the winter shoes in the snow and a flowing dress
Bröllopspar i liften på väg upp på Vemdalsskalets topp. Händernas upp mot himlen och man ser bort över horisonten

Of course this cool couple wanted photos from the lift up the mountain. And I was not going to say No.

Weddingcouple coming up from the lift up at the top of the mountain, hand in hand and smiling

As happy as only a newly weds can be / on their way to their wedding dinner and party

Bride and groom on top of a snowy mountain walking towards a tree house where guests are waving in the windows towards the couple

Love how their family and friends were awaiting and greeting them as they arrived at “Restaurang Toppen”

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