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Trash the Dress

Yes I totally did it.

A styled proposal photoshoot on one of my favourite places in the world, Fårö, was made real on Friday.

So I arrived in Gotland on Friday at 1pm and at 4pm I met up with Cassandra and Andre outside Novi Resort where the wedding fair today was suppose o be. Also where i am staying this weekend. Thankfully we hit the road on time and soon we were on the ferry over to the northern pearl of Fårö.

I had brought with me a blanket, some candles, a whole brie cheese and some fresh figs, a silver tray, handwritten love letters and a ring and a special box for it.

A beach proposal in northern beaches of Fårö is my dream come true. If there is anywhere in the world I someday (soon) want to shoot a wedding, this long open horizon beach is it! I am amazed by the lights, the roughness, the silence and the ocean.

Flowers: Melody Flowers 

Candles: Åhlens 

Candleholder: Hm Home

Ring: Old touch

Tray: Old touch

Fårö proposal styled session by the sea. With candles, blanket, champagne, brie and figs

Gorgeous proposal session at Fårö

Neverending sky and ocean

She doesn´t know what´s coming up. Imagine the butterflies..

Loveletters and a brie.

Love letter reading about everlasting love. “I chose you”

The ring did fit!

The future is ours!

A gentle touch by the sea

Happy in love

Cosy times together

Cheers to us!

You light up my life!

I choose you!

Imagine that! The Swedish nationalmuseum pre-shoot. I am so I N  L O V E !

Next, I am planning an anniversary myself in an artmuseum. The history, the feeling of being part of something oh so much bigger. The ordeals, the troubles, the wars… and Everlasting love. What and who inspired these masters who´s work now is hanging on the walls.. what stories would they tell us if they could…? surely at least some of them would have to do with love, don´t you agree?

Anyway, who would not want to surround yourself with genius and masters of life to shoot yourself with the love of your life? I know I would…

So yesterday I met up with Maria & Joachim who is getting hitched in Stockholm in October. I was just thrilled when they had the idea of National museum in Sthlm as a suggestion as the weather would not turn out perfectly. J is a big fan of history, it was obvious that this location was their thing. And I get really pumped by that… their thing.


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