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Trash the Dress

So today I booked another ten hour wedding in autumn 2019! I can not wait for this season to start – and so far it looks as if my season will start at my absolute favourite place.. In the magical island of Gotland.

Did you know that this island is in zone 1, which means that anything can grow here… They have palm trees, walnut trees, and almost anything other exotic fruit or flower. Also the island has beaches covered with lime rocks and a fauna that is exquisite.

So names of  the places interesting.. I would say they are so many it would be a looong list but okay I will give it a try, check these places out!

Anywhere on Fårö

Outdoor ceremony at Ekstacoast

Why not by any of the limestones? Or at a beach…

Ruins, Visby is full of ruins that are just gorgeous to have your wedding at!



Besides Gotland,

I would love to shoot in Provence again… Those fields of lavender, hills and small pittoresk villages in the mountains. Any day of the week


OK, other then this… well I can tell you that there are still a number of places I would love to shoot your wedding at:


In Stockholm I would like to add a number of nice places such as

Dalarö skans

Slottsträdgården Ulriksdal

Lejondal slott

Ruin Retreat

Grand hotel saltsjöbaden


Rosendal slott

Thoresta herrgård





Just to  name a few places!

But, choose a place that you love and adore!

March 17, 2019

New York I love you

I do, and for the fifth time I got to spend a week there and celebrate my fortieth! And among all the fun stuff the city had to offer us I also got to shoot an amazing lady called Ling. She´s a funloving, fierce doer and I´m thrilled to have gotten the change to do a portrait shoot with her.


So today I have been attending a gorgeous and inspiring workshop for one of my favorite photographers Erika Gerdemark. Ever since I became a wedding photographer I have been following her highly romantic pastel photos. And today I finally got to meet her in person and spend an entire day with her. I also got to spend time with a dozen other awesome photographers. It is so important to attend at least one workshop per year, to boost yourself with new confidence, new ideas, and be surrounded by creativity. I also promised Erika to book a day for a kick-off for myself. Friday next week will be the day I focus on developing my company and change a few things. Man, I love my job.

Here comes some of my favorite photos from the first workshop I ever went to that Hélena Parmér was in charge of, in Provence. Yes I will post the photos from today´s winter shoot, but they will be shown another week. 😉

January 6, 2019

Flowers, inspire me!

Själv hade jag enbart ljus ljus rosa pioner i min brudbukett.

Tänkte jag skulle visa er de vackra kreationer jag varit med och fotat.

Men möjligheterna är oändliga… Här kommer en ren inspirationspost.//

I had myself a pure light light pink peons bouquet as my bridal bouquet.

So I thought I should show you some of the gorgeous creations I have photographed!

But the possibilities are endless…. Here comes a pure inspirational post.


Vad är det som gör ett bra bröllopsfoto..? Ja en sak är säker, det skiljer nog från person till person. Men som start på det nya året tänker jag dela med mig av vilka favoriter jag har och varför. Så låt mig börja:

//What makes a wedding photography excellent? One thing is certain, it differs from one person to another. I am starting this new year with sharing my favorite ones and why. So let me begin:

Jag älskar denna på Susanna & Jimmy. Direkt efter vigseln, när de nygifta tas emot av familj och vänner. Magiskt. Så underbart. Den känslan.// I love this one with Susanna & Jimmy. Just after the ceremony, when the newly weds are greeted by family and friends. Magic. Just wonderful. That feeling.

Åh så magiskt var ögonblicket när Lina & Bertil fick mysa med hästarna i hagen vi passerade under deras porträttfotografering. Vid nästa hage berättade Lina hur hon i yngre år drömt om att få jobba med hästar. Det här kortet blev så meningsfullt och extra speciellt när jag senare visste att det betydde något för bruden. //It became a magical moment when Lina & Bertil got a chance to say hi to the horses during their portrait session. By the next horse paddock Lina told me that when she was younger she dreamt of working professionally with horses. This photograph became so special later when I realised that it meant something to the bride.

Stadshusbröllop kan verkligen vara underbart vackra. Som här när Lisa och Max blickar in i deras gemensamma framtid som gifta. Det är SÅ romantiskt och vackert! //Cityhall weddings can really be gorgeously beautiful. Like when Lisa & Max is gazing into their mutual future as a married couple. It is utterly romantic and stunning!

När Nicklas får se sin blivande maka rann det nog tårar även för fåglarna ovanför. Så intimt, så vackert och så fullt av känslor. En bröllopsfotografs dröm! //When Nicklas gets to see his bride, I´m sure even the birds above were crying. So intimate, so beautiful and full of emotion. A wedding photographer´s dream!

Förväntan, strax innan brudparet ska säga ja till varandra. All planering och allt slit som man vet att brudparet gått igenom inför denna dag, och dagen bara blir så där perfekt. Den fantastiska inramningen av underbar himmel och moln och ett päronträd, alla detaljer som gästernas bänkar som brudgummen Rickard snickrat ihop själv och alla gäster samlade. Då skapas magi. // Anticipation, the moment just before the wedding couple is about to say I do to each other. When you know of all the planning and hard work the couple has been through for this day, and the day becomes perfect. The perfect frame of the sky, clouds and pear-tree, all the detail as the benches that the groom made himself, and all the gathered guests.

 När brudparet väljer att smita ifrån middagen för att fånga det magiska kvällsljuset, lite egentid som nygifta mitt i allt firande. Alltså det finns inget bättre…//When the wedding couple decides to elope from dinner to catch the magical evening light, some alone time as newly weds in the middle of the celebrations. I have to say, nothing can beat that…

Den röda tråden i inlägget är ju fler känslor och något som betyder något, desto bättre foto. Med det sagt, ju mer jag vet om er desto lättare blir det att skapa bröllopsbilder som fångar just er och er kärlekshistoria.// The common denominator in this post is that the more of emotion the better and something that actually means something to you, to make a little extra. With that said, the more I know about you the easier it becomes to create wedding photos that catches you and your love story.

These are a few of my favorite wedding photos of 2018.

But I´m certain I could find at least 30 more… 🙂

December 22, 2018

Best of 2018!

This may come as a supprise to you, but the best photo this year is not a wedding photograph. Not because there isn´t anyone. I have atleast a dozen of favorites, no likely 90! I would not be able to pick one. But the Best photo has to do with my development as a photographer. I have a passion for creating photos and I only realized that when I created this photo. Learning by doing, with photoshop is also a big deal. And last but not least the photo has everything to do with the big happening of becoming a  mother again this year. So, here it comes, my best photo of 2018.

August 13, 2018

Summer in Sthlm!

Yes summer in Stockholm is stunning!

I had the privilege to attend a wedding inspired event hosted by the very talented weddingblog Sisters in law  with the founder Zanna Metzer in the front and her partner in crime Kristina Grahn, and my colleague and friend Malin Norlen. The event was located at The Lobby in central Sthlm and divided in two parts, one lecture by Malin where we were given all sorts of advise as a wedding photographer. It was extremely useful, and full of laughter! And the second part was a styled shoot with a wedding couple and also the one of two sisters in law Kicki (Kristina Grahn) who is the founder of Ellen Marie Bridal for the bride who wants another color than white on her bridal dress.

This event was a great arena and meeting point for people in different stages of our wedding careers in search of network, inspiration, tips and tricks & some hands on photography in a sunset wrapped Stockholm. Since I started in the business of wedding photography last year I’ve been fortunate to meet colleagues who have been generous with their advice and made me feel welcome. It feels we are colleagues not competitors. And the best thing I can do, and I feel it stronger and stronger, is to be the same and to pass it on. More on that in a later blog post.

Now for the important stuff. Here are the well deserved credit to the people who made it all happen.

Lecture & Event
Lecture & Event @fotograf_malin_norlen
Flowers @melody_flowers
Jewelry @schalinsofsweden
Balloons etc. @theoochjag
Bow Tie @metzerverket
Prints @jjpaperworks
Tulle Bridal Skirt @ellenmariebridal
MUA @makeupbyaalicia
Venue @thelobbystockholm
Wedding Dress @lulus

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