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Trash the Dress

I love Christmas.

Especially the magic surrounding it.

Therefor I created a theme for this years chrismas sessions.

I started with one particular photo. it is a composite, but that makes it even easier for the families that has really small childen and who maybe don´t even want to leave their house to get that magical photos for christmas. And what I love even more is that they are timeless, you can choose to put them on your wall as art, they will  never ever grow out of style.

So this is my first idea!

“The magic of Christmas” is the theme for my Christmas photos this year.

Imagine that! The Swedish nationalmuseum pre-shoot. I am so I N  L O V E !

Next, I am planning an anniversary myself in an artmuseum. The history, the feeling of being part of something oh so much bigger. The ordeals, the troubles, the wars… and Everlasting love. What and who inspired these masters who´s work now is hanging on the walls.. what stories would they tell us if they could…? surely at least some of them would have to do with love, don´t you agree?

Anyway, who would not want to surround yourself with genius and masters of life to shoot yourself with the love of your life? I know I would…

So yesterday I met up with Maria & Joachim who is getting hitched in Stockholm in October. I was just thrilled when they had the idea of National museum in Sthlm as a suggestion as the weather would not turn out perfectly. J is a big fan of history, it was obvious that this location was their thing. And I get really pumped by that… their thing.


March 17, 2019

New York I love you

I do, and for the fifth time I got to spend a week there and celebrate my fortieth! And among all the fun stuff the city had to offer us I also got to shoot an amazing lady called Ling. She´s a funloving, fierce doer and I´m thrilled to have gotten the change to do a portrait shoot with her.


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