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Trash the Dress

Let me tell you something!

As a wedding photographer I get to see so many different venues, some are better prepared for weddings than others. And as the knowledge of people overall has developed regarding food choices people are happy to see that the venues more often than not pick local and season inspired food in their wedding menus, I have chosen to pick my favourite gems! Not to mention, the ones I have picked are stunning to work in regarding location and interiors! Let me get you inspired!

Lets start with Sillsalteriet at Marstrand

Indoor of a venue in wood, with decorations on thetables, flowers and low key lights

Sillsalteriet is a stunning to say the least venue at Marstrand I would choose again and again!


Ett stort rum inomhus i trä med stora fönster och västkustvatten rakt utanför fönster nder en bröllopsmiddag på Sillsalteriet, Marstrand. Dekorerat med blmsterbåge, och centerblommor på borden, och tyg i taket.

Gorgeous venue at Sillsaleriet, Marstrand. You book it through the Marstrand havs hotell.


Looking out from the big windows of the weddingvenue of Sillsalteriet at Marstrand. The perfect spot for golden hour photos on your weddingday. You have the westcoast just outside the big windows, you can see the the stones in the water and a free horizon

The perfect spot for golden hour photos just outside the venue


A stunning steamboat to take you over from Marstrand church or the fortress to the stunning venue of Sillsalteriet. Here you can see the couple sitting in this stunning steamboat with the swedish flag

Love the steamboat that takes you straight to the mingle by the venue Sillsalteriet at Marstrand!


A wedding couple on the pier just outside the venue of Sillsaleriet, they are holding hands and the bride is looking at the hands nd her husband is looking towards the horizon. The perfect golden hour lights and the cliffs and the water in the background

The perfect golden hour portrait for the wedding of your dreams!


Next venue I love is Balingsholm

First Look under thenapple trees, a bride is coming up behind her groom who yet hasn´t seen his bride. Sunning framing of the tree and october sun

First look under the apple-trees are just a stunning framing


This place has plenty of special places like in this photo a belvedere which in this photo looks amazing in october crisp sunshine to take a bridal portrait. In this photo bride and groom are leaning against each other inside the belvedere

A gorgeous hideout in the belvedere and October sun!


The house itself is perfect for the timeless framing of the weddingcouple, as in this picture the bride and groom are standing against each other and the bride with her long veil in the stairs in front of them

Gorgeous building that gives your photos a sense of timeless beauty that just fits so well with wedding photography!


A veil in the wind by the water and a kiss between bride and groom

Balingsholm has many beautiful spots perfect for a timeless elegant feel to your weddingday!


A weddingportrait on a pier with stunning crisp october sunshine in their faces, facing the sun

A pier is just a minute from the venue, and during summer the golden light is perfect here!


Following venue is Thoresta Herrgård

A wedding dress hanging in an open door with the sea as background

How stunning isn´t this place to get ready in!


Wedding couple are standing by the wooden sauna on a pier talking and laughing

So many good locations surrounding this venue!


Wedding couple almost kissing and he is holding his brides waist with the venue in the background

The main house is beautiful, and works just perfect to add that luxurious feel to your weddingday!


An outdoor ceremony among the peartrees, the weddingcouple has just said yes to one another and you see their guests in the forground

Who does not love the framing with pear-trees to this outdoor ceremony photo?!


A huge house and a kissing weddingcouple in the distance with a huge pink sunset sky to describe the eternity on your weddingday

The eternity captured in this amazing portrait with this nearby house. I would print this so big and have if framed on my wall!


The dinner room with the wooden theme and decorations for a rustic themed wedding

This rustic decoration in this wooden room is just perfect! And not to forget that Thoresta has a focus on season inspired local food!


Last venue for this blogpost is Ekeby loge

The guest all seated on this outdoor ceremony, waiting for the bride and groom. You can see some fabric in the wind on the images left side

The anticipation whilst waiting for the bride and groom.


Coming from far behind the guests walking down the path between the guests, and the groom is doing a high five with one of the guests, and the bride is looking at her brother on the other side of the path. Walking towards their ceremony

Walking into their wedding ceremony in this lovely outdoor ceremony photo.


The celebrationof the newly weds, just outside the barn with soap-bubbles and smiles and cheers.

Gorgeous celebration moment just outside the barn.


A portrait sssion where the bride is holding her groom in one hand and says hello to two horses with her other hand

Stunning portrait in the green surroundings you can find surrounding the barn, and what I found out later was that the bride had a big dream as a young lady to work with horses. The connection is clear!


A barn with that typical rustic decoration, and gorgeous celing lights and pom poms

This barn is a fantastic. Lots of space to mingle and the options of food is perfect for the more relaxed wedding couple!


The interior of the wooded barn with fabric and lights in the ceiling and beautiful tables.

This venue suits the coupe that want the rustic and countryside like wedding!


These are my favourite spots!

So enjoy, next week I will focus on the end of 2019 and what 2020 has to offer!

Eli & Robert got married at Marstrand late August and decided to add a post wedding session when they came to Stockholm a week after their wedding! This was of course a hit!

Who would NOT want some gorgeous photos by the water in Sthlm or as it is called “Venice of the north”?

Post wedding portraits in the old town  of Stockholm. Stunning old buildings and a couple closely getting closefor a kiss.

An intimate moment in the old town in Stockholm


A couple session post wedding in the old townof Stockholm with the old buildings as a backdrop and she is leaning against him

Lets stand still for a while.


Dancing by the water in Stockholm, with the cityhall and the water in the background

It´s always dance o´clock.


Such a stunning scenery with Evert Taube statue and the city hall in the background

Add value to your wedding package with the Post-wedding session!


You can see the 2020 pricelist and all my add on`s here


Hello everyone!

So, I figured most of you who are planning on getting married might want to read what a wedding photographers 5 best tips for your day are. In the end we all want your day to run as smoothly as possible so that you can focus on each other and get amazing photographs of your day!

Truly, that is what I want for all my couples; for you to get whatever dream wedding you had in mind – and stunning, breathtaking photos to go with it!


  • Time. This has been repeated so many times, but I do want to put this first. Have enough space in your BIG day schedule. Why? Because anything can happen, and quite often it does. Transportation for the hair and makeup artist might be delayed, traffic jams, accidents, yes, literally anything could make the time hectic, and you do NOT want that to happen. Also make sure that everyone working on your day knows your schedule. It’s unfortunate if it’s a surprise for the MUA that you are doing a 1 1/2 hour portrait-session before the ceremony. Everyone needs to be informed. And yes, you do need that amount of time for the portrait session if you want the variety of different locations, poses etc. Also make time for lunch, it is no fun to faint on your big day.
  • Lighting is everything – in the church, dinner location and party. Please only use candles or/and white lights. Avoid purple, red or heavy green. I even have it in my contract that it might just be so that I can not deliver photos in color from the party and dance if it’s harsh colored lights. And if you get to pick your church – one that has big windows and lots of white on the walls is likely to give you great light.
  • Ceremony advise! Yes lets talk about that, your guests surely want to see your faces when you say yes, and put your rings on… so stand not too much facing the priest or wedding officiant but instead each other and your guests. With that said I also want to say that please take your time when you put the rings on, so we get to capture the moment on camera – and also, face each other not the off./priest.
  • Colors/patterns. When you talk to your officiant before the wedding and plan your ceremony, do take a few moments to get in sync regarding clothing during your day. Make sure the person understands that they need to be discrete, avoiding big colourful hats, or big patterned clothing. Please do not wear Birkenstock sandals on the couples wedding day. Avoid colourful plastic files, and that goes for the toastmadame/-master too.
  • Let it all out. Don’t think too much of what others think about your day. Feel what you feel, and let it ALL out. Emotions are a part of a wedding day, as is being a bit wild, crazy and/or silly. Enjoy it, have fun and let it show. It is most certainly going to reflect in your photos.


Destination photographer

Marstrand’s havshotell, ocean hotel Photo cred Lizzan

Tuesday night and I am still at awe by the weekend wedding I shot at Marstrand, on the west coast of Sweden.

While sitting in the car driving into the small city of Marstrand, it was like a fairytale. So very close to the water, on both sides, and I was screaming my lungs out loud. Maybe you heard me on my instastories Evelyn Wallin

The groom Robert was born and raised in Gothenburg but has spent the last 8 years in Singapore where he also met his bride, Elisabeth.

They got married in Marstrand church, and then took a small steamboat over to Sillsalteriet where the dinner and party was held. Here comes a sneak peek of a day I will late forget.

Koordinator & Decoration: I nöd och lust

Flowers: Dijana Florist

Makeup: Beauty by Shahad

Hair: Nizar Diab hairdresser

DJ: Mehdiminouiepour

Jewelry: Bvlgari

Venue: Sillsalteriet

In collaboration with Marstrands havshotell


Bride Elisabeth getting ready for the tea ceremony at Marstrands havshotell

Time for tea ceremony


Teaceremony at Marstrands havshotell.


Emotional is what you get at your weddingday.


Getting ready for the ceremoy in her Jimmy Choo shoes.


On their way to church..


Father of the bride walking her to her husband. Wedding ceremony at Marstrand church.


Late summer wedding at Marstrand church.


The scent when the flowers were thrown…


Open horizon as a backdrop for the bridal portraits is just stunning at Marstrand.


A veil and the ocean late afternoon is always a good idea.


Carlstens fortress is so beautiful behind the wedding couple.


Love this picture. <3


By the fortress.


Outside the venue Sillsalteriet.


Let´s mingle in the golden light.


On the backside of Sillsalteriet, we found this stunning spot for the portraitsession part II, Golden hour.


Elisabeth, looking like a queen by the ocean in golden lights


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