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Trash the Dress

How stunning is autumn?

October weddings gives life to the colors, the crisp and fresh air, and stunning fauna. Do enjoy these sneak peeks of a dream wedding in Stockholm fall.

Venue: Balingsholm herrgård

Dress: Cosmobella

Smokingjacket: Steens herrmode

Grooms shoes: Edward Green

Flowers: Interflora

Rings: Kaplans

First look, just seconds away… the butterflies…


The lights, the house, the gown, the couple..


Soon husband and wife


Just a moment to ourselves


The practice of saying I DO!


Lets feel the crisp and fresh air


The veil is a dream-veil, trust me!


Walking towards their future!


We DO!


Hello everyone!

So, I figured most of you who are planning on getting married might want to read what a wedding photographers 5 best tips for your day are. In the end we all want your day to run as smoothly as possible so that you can focus on each other and get amazing photographs of your day!

Truly, that is what I want for all my couples; for you to get whatever dream wedding you had in mind – and stunning, breathtaking photos to go with it!


  • Time. This has been repeated so many times, but I do want to put this first. Have enough space in your BIG day schedule. Why? Because anything can happen, and quite often it does. Transportation for the hair and makeup artist might be delayed, traffic jams, accidents, yes, literally anything could make the time hectic, and you do NOT want that to happen. Also make sure that everyone working on your day knows your schedule. It’s unfortunate if it’s a surprise for the MUA that you are doing a 1 1/2 hour portrait-session before the ceremony. Everyone needs to be informed. And yes, you do need that amount of time for the portrait session if you want the variety of different locations, poses etc. Also make time for lunch, it is no fun to faint on your big day.
  • Lighting is everything – in the church, dinner location and party. Please only use candles or/and white lights. Avoid purple, red or heavy green. I even have it in my contract that it might just be so that I can not deliver photos in color from the party and dance if it’s harsh colored lights. And if you get to pick your church – one that has big windows and lots of white on the walls is likely to give you great light.
  • Ceremony advise! Yes lets talk about that, your guests surely want to see your faces when you say yes, and put your rings on… so stand not too much facing the priest or wedding officiant but instead each other and your guests. With that said I also want to say that please take your time when you put the rings on, so we get to capture the moment on camera – and also, face each other not the off./priest.
  • Colors/patterns. When you talk to your officiant before the wedding and plan your ceremony, do take a few moments to get in sync regarding clothing during your day. Make sure the person understands that they need to be discrete, avoiding big colourful hats, or big patterned clothing. Please do not wear Birkenstock sandals on the couples wedding day. Avoid colourful plastic files, and that goes for the toastmadame/-master too.
  • Let it all out. Don’t think too much of what others think about your day. Feel what you feel, and let it ALL out. Emotions are a part of a wedding day, as is being a bit wild, crazy and/or silly. Enjoy it, have fun and let it show. It is most certainly going to reflect in your photos.


Destination photographer

Marstrand’s havshotell, ocean hotel Photo cred Lizzan

August 17, 2019

A cityhall wedding

Yes actually I love cityhall weddings! In Stockholm we are blessed with a cityhall full of corners, arches and greenery not to forget the dramatic water and statues. The building itself is stunning both outdoors and indoors, so it is a perfect spot for weddings.

Todays session was special, because the wedding-couple was the same couple I shot in the archipelago a few weeks ago, and because the priest was from Norway he was not accepted to do a ceremony in Sweden, but being a good friend of the couple they eagerly wanted him to hold the ceremony. They knew this when they booked me so we added today´s session as well to close their amazing wedding-circle together with their kids. Obviously it is not unusual to have kids around for a wedding, but as a wedding-photographer and to focus as much as I did today on family photos was different, but oh so much fun.

And their kids, my god, I want to adopt them all <3

Dress: @sensiblem


I am currently in my car on my way again to the south of Sweden, the dark woods of Småland to spend a few days with my family with nights of barbecuing and midnight swims.

But this post is not about that story. It is rather a story of the orientating couple from Taiwan that came to Sweden for a contest and decided to have ME (YAY!!) shooting them in their wedding clothes for four hours in stockholm archipelago half an hour from the city centre. This story is also about what can happen when you have weather and language boundaries.

We met up outside the theatre Dramaten after I had bought the tickets for the boat trip. I thought they had already gotten hitched, but I wanted to shoot the ring photos there was no ring. Imagine my face expression… later I understood that they are getting married in November, and they wanted to use one photo for the session in their invitation to the wedding.

We only got to the dock where we were waiting for the boat to take us out to seas, when the rain started to pour. Not just a little, but within a minute it was pouring heavily. SO very typical, and I thought that oh well it will soon pass as summer rain normally does, but it did not stop. It was shining with sun just minutes ago and surrounding us the sky was clear blue. But above us the cloud was black, and it did not move at all. So there we were, unable to do anything. When the boat was getting closer I tried my best to make them understand that we could stay and wait for the rain to stop, or take the boat as planned and hope the rain would stop or take shelter at te destination Fjäderholmarna. The bride said that we should go. And thankfully we did.

Drying his bride to be off the summer rain

Hold me tight

will the rain stop

On our way

Summerrain in the archipelago

Feeling the scent of ocean

Rain should never stop anyone from many stunning bridal portrait

Destination session in the archipelago never looked as good!


Arriving at our destination it was still raining but soon only dripping some.

When it had almost stopped I dared taking them out to the small road that leads to the rocks and cliffs by the water.

Imagine, not one more person than us and a few birds. And a half black, half blue sky. Dramatic and a photographers dream 🙂

Dramatic is the best backdrop in my opinion

We got some magic photos there when Ting pulled up a ringbox behind his back and soon when down on his knees.

The facial look of surprise and happiness that Szu showed will stay in my heart for a long time.

And they will now be able to look back to this one island out of the other 24000 that the Stockholm archipelago holds, and remember their moments.

The drama in the sky, the fact that we were all alone (due to the weather condition) and just (in mind and heart) go back.

THE excitement was real!

Ms to Mrs and memories for a lifetime!

Being runners we spent a big amount of time taking running pictures in different environments like

by the water, in the woods, between the red tree houses.

Doing their thing!


As we were about to return to the city centre they changed clothes into a more loose style with jeans and white t-shirts, and we did some fun and goofy style shoot.


Casual looks are always a good idea!

On the boat trip back, I had them standing in the front of the boat, facing the sunshine. It became their own Titanic moment.

Titanic moment

Such a fun shoot to do, I have to say, I so love it when couples do their own thing and I get to be a part of something so personal and intimate.

I LOVE my job!

Sunsets are for lovers

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