Evelyn Wallin Photography bröllopsfotograf och elopements
Evelyn Wallin Photography bröllopsfotograf och elopements


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Evelyn Wallin Photography



Evelyn Wallin looking into the camera in backlit Stockholm

I am Evelyn

“A moment will only last a second, but your photos will live on forever”.

Evelyn Wallin international wedding photographer


Photos last for generations.

It is a gift to be able to pause the moments in time that mean the most to my clients.

I only have three photos of my mother and father getting married in Poland. It is from the ceremony. Of course, I wish I had photos of them getting ready, photos that show their nervousness and which of the guests got to congratulate them first – and I would have loved to be able to see how they celebrated afterwards.

My father died 20 years ago and thank God he loved to take photographs, so the photos I have inherited from him are a gold treasure. They are priceless to me. He stopped time, and I do the same.



1. I feel at home in NYC, that´s also where we eloped in 2017.

2. I have flown 2 helicopter rides in my life, 1st time heading back to Nikkaluokta from Kebnekaise base camp. 2nd time between Jozi to Drakenberg mountain in South Africa.

3. If I got to choose any time on your wedding day to shoot portraits it would be during sunrise after dancing the night away.

4. You think you´ve got some really crazy ideas for your wedding day? You had me at hello.

5. You only live once? False, we Iive every day. We die once….


Evelyn is an incredibly professional and skilled photographer. I want to give my best recommendations. If I/we ever need a photographer again she is our one and only option. I am so impressed by her photos and personal treatment.

Thank you!



We left ourselves in Evelyn’s hands and felt safe all the time as Evelyn knew exactly how and where to take pictures, as she had been to the places before the photoshoot.

We think that is very professional. In addition, Evelyn helped us find the perfect wedding venue that made our day absolutely magical!



Evelyn Wallin Photography adventure wedding vendor

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