"Together we can face any challenges as deep as the ocean and as high as the sky."

Why stories by the sea?

Throughout my life the place that I have always called home (with the exception of where my husband and daughter is) is close by the sea, in the sea, on the sea and with an open horizon. This is where I find my inner creativity, have my clearest thoughts, my visions, ideas, and where I energize. With that said, no I don´t want to capture your story by the sea if that´s not what you want, but it could happen to be where you will find me editing your shots.

Wedding photography

Before I found my husband I never saw myself as the marrying kind. Without knowing he made me want to marry him. Our wedding and the planning of our wedding in NYC was truly one extraordinary experience and opened my eyes to the fact that I could help others get the wedding of their dreams with photographies to match. That is what I want to do, help you make your dream wedding come true and tell your story through the lens.
Jag utgår från Stockholm, men reser mer än gärna!