I think one of my friends really said it best, “Your photographer captured the essence of your happiness.” The wedding day we planned was about doing some of the things we enjoy most as a couple and family but dressed up in our wedding finery.

By hiring Evelyn as our photographer we were able to focus on being present in the activities we planned and with each other while allowing her to do her magic in helping to capture photographs that would allow us to remember the brilliance of that day for the years to come.

Since we planned an elopement or micro wedding, every person we interacted with that day actually had a significant impact on our experiences, having Evelyn with us – a photographer who believed in and championed the way we chose to honor and celebrate our love – made for wonderful and positive partnership throughout the day! My spouse even commented on how much he enjoyed having Evelyn as part of our day!

Arriving when I was delayed with hair and makeup, Evelyn adapted and dug right in helping to ensure we had images of important details. That day she helped track time and collaborated on where to travel and stop to take photos which was especially challenging since some spontaneity was needed for photographing around activities like biking and kayaking, but also keeping on time for our appointment at city hall.

She ensured a variety of images were captured that we will want for the future. What is even more, is that we all had fun, from looking out and seeing Evelyn running alongside the canal and over bridges where we were kayaking to taking photographs of us biking while her husband was driving her next to us, we were in awe with her dedication and passion to help us capture our wedding.

Evelyn delivered a mix of romantic traditional documentary portraits, cherished close ups of beloved details, joyous candid moments of our biking and kayaking, as well as unique dramatically framed and perfectly timed artistic impressions of our adventures.

We will be forever grateful that Evelyn was together with us in creating a perfect wedding day! 

Anneliese & Anders