“Your uniqueness as a couple and your dream vision, together with my expertise, will help us find the perfect location for your dream elopement, be it near or far. I will help you find vendors and cooperative partners to add beauty and style to your elopement.


We will spend time together to find those special and unique details that will add to your experience, whether it is grandma’s jewelry or a common interest that you two share.


I offer to guide you through the planning of your elopement and to execute a unique experience. Doing what I love is capturing those moments in time and turning them into everlasting memories. I offer the highest quality of albums and prints, making sure generations ahead will feel like they were there.”


1. Book your clarity call and get ready to think outside the box. 

2. If you fancy what I do and offer, book me by signing a contract and paying a 40% reservation fee.

3. We plan your dream elopement together.

4. You have the best experience of your life!

5. I will send you a private web gallery where you get to download all the images, and with one button you can share your gallery with all your family and friends around the world.


The Collections


Why not turn your wedding day into a long celebration.

You love beautiful light, and we get the chance to do photos both at sunset and sunrise. In this package, the Starry night sky photos are included.



Your wedding day deserves an all-day experience.

No stressful timeline, just a day filled with the things you love. Together we will make your wedding day a once in a lifetime experience.


Time to create memories that last.

Let’s explore a new place.  Are you renewing your vows? Maybe you are planning a proposal? Don’t worry I’ll cover it as a couple session!  



Not enough sparkle you say? Well here are some extras to add more of everything to your wedding experience.

Starry night sky 2 000 kr
Boudoir 5 000 kr
Second shooter 1 500 kr/h



This is for those of you who value memories that live longer than your wedding day.

Something to hold and go through because it’s right there beside you, whenever you feel like you want to re-live the experience. Or to show your children, and those who were not there during your day.

Your story to be told

“Every couple deserves to see their pictures on the walls of their home and to enjoy a collection of wedding day photos in a beautiful fine art album”.

I offer the high value of knowing future generations will be able to re-live your wedding day. It makes me proud to have found the best album and fine art print makers on the market.




It was not only the stunning pictures but we had a fantastic fun time with Evelyn before the wedding. We left ourselves in Evelyn’s hands and felt safe all the time as Evelyn knew exactly how and where to take pictures.

She had been to the places before the photoshoot, we think that is very professional. In addition, Evelyn helped us find the perfect spot for our elopement ceremony, and that helped to make our day absolutely magical!

B & C



Some of the most common questions I get about my services. 

How do we inquire?

Fill out my form below and I will get back to you within 6 hours.

What are your prices?

Download my pricelist of the desired package above, and if you don’t find what you’re looking for drop me an email and let’s chat

Do you work internationally?

Yes. I have done sessions in Scotland, Provence, Grand Canaries, and New York and would love to add even more places!

Do you do other sessions than weddings?

Yes, I do. Email me and tell me about your plans.

Do you provide prints and albums?

Absolutely. If anything I think every home needs an album and prints on the walls. I offer high-quality fine art prints, and albums from the best on the market to make sure future generations can re-live your most important days.

Can you help us plan?

Oh yes! That is something I love to do. To be honest, finding hidden jems IS my superpower. And after working in this business for quite a while, I can help you find vendors taht fit.



let’s work together

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