Your love captured, your memories preserved

As an elopement photographer that eloped, I am stunned how little people over all know about  elopement. 

But that’s why I am here to help you understand the magic of elopements.

When a couple intentionally choose to make their wedding day about them and their love, and when they choose experiences over things, they are choosing elopement. 

Instead of planning for others they decide to create a personalised celebration of their love, in a true and genuine to them – kind of way, they choose elopement.

Maybe you love kayaking, then we shall find a spot where that can be included in your day. Or you love food and being all relaxed. Then we’ll make sure you have a stunning breakfast in bed, and add an unforgettable gastronomical road trip. Maybe you love urban getaways, well great, then we’ll find the best things to do in the city of your choice.

You can choose to go somewhere special to you, or to a specific location you’ve always dreamed of. What will make your wedding day the most unique and memorable for you?

brud i medeltida brudklänning utanför ett Skottskt slott i Kilmartin, i en höstig bröllopsdag bredvid högt gräs

Elopement wedding in Scotland at Kilmartin castle and St: Conan Kirk.





From your uniqueness as a couple and your dream vision, together with my expertise, we will find the perfect location for your dream elopement, be it near or far.

I will help you find vendors and cooperative partners to add beauty and style to your elopement.

We will spend time together to find those special and unique details that will add to your experience, whether it is grandma’s jewelry or a common interest that you two share.

I offer to guide you through the planning of your elopement and to execute a unique experience. Doing what I love is capturing those moments in time and turning them into everlasting memories. I offer the highest quality of albums and prints, making sure generations ahead will feel like they were there.



A bride walking bare foot on the shoreline a part of a elopement session
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Annie & Adam

Evelyn has extraordinary energy and we had so much fun with her! So we had an elopement together with the closest family, and even though we’ve barely met Evelyn before, it felt so natural to have her with us! 

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