Why elope? 6 MORE reasons you should!

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A couple standing with a waterfall behoind them, he is reading his vows, she is crying

6 reasons to elope, lets get started!

So this is a topic that is oh SO relevant with the big pandemic still harassing the world (don’t worry this post is NOT about corona). There are still a lot of reasons to elope.

But it is a fact that so so many couples has postponed their wedding day due to this, but, I am here to remind you that you really don NOT have to..

Are you thinking of eloping, but not sure yet, book yourself a clarity call with me, and I’ll happily guide you right.

6 more reasons to elope

The first 4 is to be found in my freebie .

Couple standing in the door of a boat in Stockholm archipelago. It is raining, they look happy.

#1 reason to elope. It’s a “just us” experience.

Leave the pressure, anxiety and feeling of obligation and do what you guys want on your wedding day. When you allow yourself to throw out the rulebook of weddings you can just focus on the two of you.

And this opens up for planning how to make your dreamiest, most romantic and wild dreams of your wedding day come true.

Couple kissing in sunrise over Maspalomas sand dunes, Gran Canary

#2. Intimacy & the freedom of choice

So yes, doing an elopement you are opening up to the most intimate way of spending your wedding day. To be honest, throwing a big wedding is often felt as more of being the host for a big party (which of course is fine – of that goes with what you want).

And to be real, it´s impossible to have an intimate conversation (or even interaction) with 150 people during your wedding day.

I mean think about it, lets say you spend 3 minutes talking to 150 guests people…. 450 minutes/60 minutes…. 7,5 hours of conversation. Not really doable.

Couole holding hands during their elopement ceremony

#3 Authentic

One more reason to elope. Being authentic is a big deal.

Allowing yourself to v choose the typeof ceremony, environment, the people you choose to involve in your wedding day (if any), instead of the wedding industry telling you what you are suppose to do and the way you are suppose to go through your wedding day.

Of course it is OK o want a big, traditional wedding. Just as it is OK for so many couples to choose not to do the big traditional wedding because it doesn’t reflect who they are or the love they share.

Couple standing in a lavenderfield in Provence and he is kissing her hand

#4 Experience over stuff

So if you prefer experiences I would say you are more drawn to elopements.

Also the amount of waste that comes from your traditional big wedding. Instead you can decide to spend your money on other stuff that you might find more important.

It’s not that elopements necessarily is cheaper, you just might want to spend your money differently (aka not on single plastic stuff).

summer sunset in Stockholm, a couple is holding each other

#5. Center of attention

There are a lot of introverts out there, so if you are one of them I can understand having a big wedding where the attention naturally is drawn to you and your partner, maybe an elopement feels less anxious.

All people have their own unique authentic version of who they are, and for some people a big wedding is not included in that version.

If this is the case, you really don’t have to do the traditional big wedding. Trust me, I’ve got you covered.

Sunset portrait at Ekensdal they are about to kiss

#6 Life IS an adventure

I do believe that couples who choose elopements have their hearts and minds wide open, listening to life as it is giving them the opportunity in every day.

I doubt that they would ever be satisfied with everyday routine and boredom, but instead they see adventure waiting, and they want to learn, to grow, to be creative and to be brave.

Brave to go through life with the acceptance of its unpredictability.

That’s the thing, every elopement couple are adventurers in their own kind of way.


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