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Often asked questions regarding elopements

A bride is standing on the rooks overlooking the misty sea
Misty december elopement

I wanted to share the most frequently asked questions regarding elopements. Here goes:

I am a member of the church but I still want to get married out in nature as elopement. Do I have to have the wedding in a church?

No, priests can def elopements are possible to use a priest. I suggest you feel free to ask close to where you wish to elope.

  • Is the photographer always there with us the whole day?

The best part with elopements are that you can choose. And you don’t need to stress your day with a busy timeline (if you don’t want to). It also depends on whether you want to run locally or if you want to go away. The advantage of going away is obviously the variety and amount of pictures from different parts of your elopement day, as already up with breakfast and the way to your wedding venue or where you read your vows, and sometimes even the next day for sunrise pictures.

Lets continue with more questions

  • I would like to bring a couple of the closest, is it still considered to be an elopement?

Yes absolutely! Previously, the bride and groom escaped themselves, but today it is considered an elopement if you are less than five according to some and under 30 people according to others. I say if you want to bring your loved ones, do it! Choose them carefully. It is more a question if you want your day to be abut you or the logistics of having guests.

A scenic view over the terrain of Fårö a summerday
Fårö is out of tis world. Perfect location for an unique wedding experience.


So often do I hear these questions regarding elopements

  • Do we need to have set the date and place before we book you?

Not at all! Maybe day does not matter as much as season! Then write it in the form! With space, you do not need to have decided at all! I am happy to help you find the right place!

  • It would be so nice to just leave without so much planning. Does it really need to be planned that much?
A couple is kissing and hugging closely with a big waterfall behind them
Fulufjället and Njuperskär waterfall elopement
Barefoot couple by the shoreline walking hand in hand in Stockholm
Barefoot elopement in Stockholm.

Old definition of elopements

In the past, an elopement meant that two escaped without their family. But that is not the case today at all. It’s so much more than just escaping or saving money. With an elopement, the focus changes from family to you, you get the opportunity to plan a day that you really want it, with the experiences that you want on your wedding day.

Imagine how sad it would be if one of the most important days of your life became just an hour of a day. Instead, let a whole day go to celebrate your love. It’s SO worth it. YOU and your love is worth it.

Piggyride photo as last photo taken during an elopement in Stockholm
The best part with elopements are that you can decide all by yourself

Hope you’ve become somewhat clearer! If you have other or more questions, do not hesitate to send an email hello@evelynwallin.se

So looking forward to working with you, to create the most memorable day of your life!


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