Cityhall elopement in Stockholm, This is one great way to do it!


One of many ways of a cityhall elopement in stockholm

When Anna & Isak decided to get married they decided to do a cityhall elopement in Stockholm one day . The second day they wanted to have the most incredible party for family and friends. There was no question that their friend from Norway would do their ceremony. However, being an officiant in Norway does not give him the authority to by law, to wed them.

This did not stop them.

They decided to do a city hall elopement, with their kids and kept the ceremony the day of the party. And I was there to capture it all.

The city hall elopement in Stockholm started with portraits, then a ceremony and afterwards they had ordered a limousine to take them to their dinner.

This is what they had to say about their wedding experience:

Evelyn captured us so magically well on our big day. She managed to capture our emotions exactly as it felt and she created that magically beautiful light in the pictures like we wanted. It became perfect. Photo-unaccustomed as we are, we were so well taken care of and guided by Evelyn. We can not get enough of looking at our beautiful pictures and we can warmly recommend Evelyn as a wedding photographer.

One thing that I really want you to think about when it comes to cityhall elopements, is that the ceremony itself is short. Very short. During summertime, there’s a line outside of brides and grooms are waiting for their turn. The ceremony itself is about 5 minutes long, and has no private parts at all.

Read more about Stockholm cityhall here

If you are dreaming of a more personal ceremony I would recommend an elopement, where you can decide whatever you want in the ceremony and day. You can read more on elopements and where to start here

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