Scenic elopement Locations! strive for jaw-dropping and MINDBLOWING scenery.


Lets go through some of the favorite stunning scenic elopement locations.

Let’s start this year with a dreamy and mindblowing post on scenic and stunning elopement locations. YES, I am sure the world will never be the same as before corona, but I’ll be damned if I gave up on travels. I think we will be able to travel again. I am pretty sure of it.

So lets start, these places is not in a particular order, I just need to get them out there.

  1. Iceland during midnight sun season. Yes, I am up for it. I even have a package specifically for this type of elopement on my website. A two day package inclusive travel fees for me as your photographer. Check it out here
  2. NYC. This one is also in my two day inspirational timeline AKA package for a two day elopement. So if you checked it out above, you might have seen it there. Depending on season, we shall have breakfast at Tiffany’s and do Brooklyn Bridge portrait session during sunrise.
  3. Njupeskär waterfall, Fulufjället Nationalpark, Sweden. A two day elopement session here is a nature inspired elopement full of adventure and secret spots. A ceremony by the waterfall at the break of a new day or offseason in April when the snow and sun creates the perfect magic.
  4. Scottland. Why not sleep in the backseat of your car and do a road trip along the highlands in Scottland. Include handfasting in your ceremony and try out some great whiskeys along the way.
  5. Dolomites. Italy over all is stunning, but the mountain and lakes you find in the Dolomites makes elopement perfect. Pssssst. I.ll be in Venice the 28th of May – why not do an elopement there. Contact me for more info here
  6. Provence. Lavender fields and small quaint mountain villages. You have seen my gallery right?
  7. Kiruna, Sweden – why not stay at the ICE hotel and do a helicopter ride up on Kebnekaise and say your vows on top of Sweden’s highest mountain – and between May- July – do the midnightsun.
Bride standing in the forest just after rain
Some jars hanging in the brides dress making noise as she walks.
a bee about to land on a lavender flower

So are you ready to get those scenery that will make you cry of joy every time you see your elopement photos, well I know I’ll have you covered! Let’s do this!

Lets be inspired!

XOX Evelyn


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