Listen! Brilliant Advise from clients


read and learn from the one’s before you.

I have put together some of the advise from clients who have gotten married. So if you are in the planning part you want to read this. They have some serious advise for you.

Groom standing behind his bride kissing her shoulder as a sailing boat is passing behind them
  • Dare to think outside the box. What is most important to you as a bride- and groom to be.
  • Stay focused on solutions. You can always have a ceremony with your closest and then have the party and a renewal of vows later.
A newlywed in a limousine kissing with a champagne glass in their hands
  • Do not greave of what didn’t happen, instead see the possibilities. You get to celebrate your love twice, how awesome is that?!
Bride and groom walking towards the camera by the end of a mountain
Couple with backpack is leaning against each others foreheads by the foot of a mountain
Thre first kiss by the foot of a mountain, in october sun

More advise from clients

  • We both got the intimate and will have the big traditional wedding just a year after what we originally planned.
  • Think about what feels authentically “you”. Sometimes we feel so trapped in the ideas of how a wedding is supposed to be that you miss how it can be.
Bride and groom hurrying over a field in february cold
  • Enjoy your day, dare to let go of all control. Trust the people around you, the day will be amazing no matter.
  • Make your day about you. Do what you want, wear what you want, invite who you want. Make it the most memorable dy for you. If you want to do a roadtrip, do it. Climb a mountain, do it. Portraits in sunrise, do it!

I could not agree more. Of course it should be about you and what you want. But the industry does a good job telling us how a REAL wedding should look like. I say, do what you want, there is just as many ways of getting married as there is couples planning for their wedding.

With that being said, I hope you have found this advise from couples useful and hopefully they made you think and maybe even rethink the choices for one of the most important days of your life.

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Hope you enjoyed the reading!

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  1. Beth Swan

    Such great advice for any couple planning a wedding or elopement. Beautiful photography!

    • Evelyn

      Thank you! That makes me so happy to read!

  2. Katrina

    Great advice! Thanks for sharing all these thoughts from your couples

    • Evelyn

      Thank you! I do believe it helps to see that it is possible to have your day truly special even if it’s not plan A.

  3. Morgan

    Great read! Love the advice from the clients!

    • Evelyn

      Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it!

  4. Laura

    I love that you took the time to put this together for future couples! Sometimes hearing past experiences from others really helps you put things into perspective.

    • Evelyn

      That’s what I thought as well! I know I’d feel more comfortable hearing how well things turned out!

  5. Traci

    Love the white boots the one bride is wearing!

    • Evelyn

      Yes me too!
      It was a feb 22 micro wedding. Suited perfectly!

    • Sienna

      This is such important information for couples, by couples! I love the quote to not focus on what didn’t happen, but instead to focus on what could be. That’s powerful

      • Evelyn

        I agree! There’s so much bravery and maturity in all these quotes! I just love them!

  6. Valerie

    I love all this advice from past couples you shared! Thank you!

    • Evelyn

      Thank YOU for taking the time to comment!

  7. Donna Smith

    Love all the direct quotes from couples, super unique and cool idea! Thank you for sharing!

    • Evelyn

      That’s so sweet! Thank you so much!



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