The fun creative process of finding hidden gems for couples.


The creative process I work in when finding and planning a session for a couple includes their needs and visions. But also involves a variety of aspects and inputs but I am going to try to put it into words.

When I was growing up, I spent part of my summers with my father sailing in the many waters around Sthlm. The rest of my summers I spent in Poland. I was either in our apartment, or at relatives in Zakopane, Katowice or Gdansk. So I did see and experienced a lot, and I loved doing so. As I continued to travel, I always preferred exploring new places. The silence when you go somewhere less known is magical, and I’ve come to enjoy places where the locals go instead of more crowded places.

A scenery of sand dune in Maspalomas in sunrise
Maspalomas in Gran Canary, perfect for sunrise photos.

Part of my creative process comes from my history and maybe also from the fact that I feel at home on more than one spot. Sometimes Stockholm is home, sometimes Gotland and sometimes New York. You may wonder how this effects my creative process, but I believe that I (in some ways) try to make the places I find to feel comfortable or home- like to the persons I am photographing.

So, let me try to be a more practical in my way of putting it.

  • Yes I use apps. I use Google maps, I use Sun Seeker, I use Pinterest and I use Instagram.
  • This is my lifestyle. What do I mean by that? I have my eyes and ears always open to find new spots.

Examples that I have done in photoshoots. Let me start with Scotland. I had never been to Scotland when Lorna found me on my instagram. She wanted to get photos of her teenaged daughter and her in Edinburgh. I used all of the apps above to find photos, inspirational ideas, and to see where the (possible) sun would shine. This was in January, so I knew the sun would stay low and we’d get light from the side more than above. I wanted sunrise photos by the sea, but was told that they rarely see sunrise in Edinburgh. Well…. Did I make it you think?

Mom and daughter standing by the shore of Edinburgh lauging and looking a head
Edinburgh in sunrise
Mom and daughter standing by the shore of Edinburgh lauging and looking at each other
They do exist, sunrises in Edinburgh

Also I wanted to catch the lights in the alleys from the castle down on the Royal mile. So we had breafast and waited an hour or two for the sun to get a little higher.

Daughter in focus looking into the camera as the mothers profile is the foreground
The alleys just full of morning sunlight
Daughter standing behind her mother, leaning on her shoulder. Sun is coming up behind them
Beautiful spot by the castle up on The Royal mile and the caption soaking in sun

Some of my most super fun jobs has been those where i hD NO IDEA where to have the session.

I did a similar (yet not at all) family shoot in a place I had never been. Maspalomas sand dunes in Gran Canary.

I used the apps and did scout as I do as much as I can, and we set sunrise. Thankfully the family trusted in me and dared. This is what we got.

Two kids tickeling in sunrise sanddunes
Walking together hand in hand this two kid family in maspalomas gran canary
Two kids hugging in sunrise Maspaloma
jumping family in maspalomas Gran canary during sunrise
Kids holding hands in sandunes sunrise Maspalomas
Girl bringing a stone up a sand dune in Maspalomas sunrise
Couple looking at each other with the sunrise in front of them in Maspalomas. Gran canary
Couple kissing in sunrise over Maspalomas sand dunes, Gran Canary

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See you soon!

XOX Evelyn


  1. Katy H

    Love, love, love! Such a unique and thoughtful insight…and beautiful images, too!

    • Evelyn

      Thanks so much!

  2. Sierra Jessup

    This is a great blog post to help people feel more confident about booking in places they or their photographer haven’t been before!

    • Evelyn

      Yes! I mean that does happen!
      Quite a few of the shoots I have done abroad has been chosen from their vision and not from where they or I have been before.

  3. Rita

    It’s so true! sometimes locations just don’t pop in mind and then when it happens it’s so amazing to be able to create gorgeous photos like yours. because even if location has a huge importance, it’s not what makes photos , it’s the feelings . And when a photographer is as talented as you are, any location can work 🙂

    • Evelyn

      Wow thank you for sharing your thoughts!
      So many times the real gems aren’t the first spot you think of! That’s why scouting is so much fun!

  4. Caroline

    I can see why these families trusted your call – these images are so beautiful!

  5. Van Gachnang

    What a great informational blog post! I’m sure your clients and potential clients can find so much value in this. And I love that you’re constantly looking for new locations, even when not working!!

    • Evelyn

      Thank you! I do, I feel like I live elopements and experiencing new places.

  6. Kailyn Haynes

    This is super helpful to clients who are worried that the location will be put on them! It is great to know that you are thoughtful and have plenty of resources in your pocket to provide great suggestions to your clients.

    • Evelyn

      Very true! The trust they put in me is always something I value of so highly! Thank you!


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