Now what? How do we deal with it? when we know nothing.


How to deal with it, the pandemic and the future unknown.

I asked a colleague of mine the wedding planner Karolina Wahlman at Wahlman Weddings to share her thoughts on the situation we are in and how to deal with it. So this is her story, and YES I so agree with her.

Are you also fed up with the whole covid situation? Do you feel like your wedding is not at all becoming what you had hoped for or are you lacking the passion for planning? There have been so many ups and downs the past year which we have been stuck to deal with. Planning a wedding is normally quite tiresome and sometimes stressful, so no wonder you are feeling it’s worse now.

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Both brides and grooms are reaching out saying how tired and frustrated they’re right now. They tell me that they don’t feel the happiness of planning anymore and that thinking about their weddings gives them more anxiety than joy.

That’s not at all how it’s supposed to be when you plan one of the happiest days of your life!

So what can you do to deal with it? And is there a way to avoid once again having to change your wedding plans?

I will share with you what I tell my couples who find themselves in a similar situation.

  1. One thing to remember, probably the most important, is that you are changing over time.

You’re not the same person as you were when you began your wedding planning from the beginning. And the world we live in is definitely not the same. Instead of fighting this and trying to hold on to something that once was, embrace the changes within you and the environment around you.

2. What you wanted a couple of years ago may not be what you’re looking for now. No wonder you’re not as excited about planning for the same thing then.

3. Something we have seen an increase in the past year is intimate weddings and unique wedding experiences. The whole industry has needed to adapt. To be honest there are so many options out there for elopements, mini wedding ceremonies and incredible local adventures.

deal with it, rainy forcast bride and groom looking out the window on a boat
So many ways to do a micro wedding, intimate and personal elopement, a few guests or a “just you” experience.

Do you want to read about a real elopement? Read about Björn and Caroline and how they changed their plans here

Perhaps this is what your heart secretly is dreaming of now. Maybe unconsciously you no longer wish for the upscale large wedding you have been wanting previously?

So, instead of holding on to your old plans, erase everything and start from scratch. This may not be exactly what you want to hear in a moment like this. I promise it will help.

Take action – is a good way to deal with it

  1. Allow yourselves to sit down and start with a blank canvas. You and your partner have completely different starting points now then the last time you began planning so why not acknowledge that?

2. Write a list. The top three things you really want for your wedding and ask your partner to do the same. It’s very likely that these things will differ from your original ideas, and that’s ok.

3. Perhaps you rather have an intimate elopement in your favourite meadow? Or why not on a beautiful mountain top rather than that fancy wedding with hundreds of people you had first imagined.

4. Most of us are all just wishing to be with our closest friends and family. To be able to laugh and hug openly, and experience something else than the four walls of our homes. 

a hiking couple on their way to the waterfall Njupeskär

Planning something new and different doesn’t equal a loss, it shows growth and adaptability. By embracing your new dreams, hopes and priorities you can create your ultimate wedding which gives you everything you want. By eloping or celebrating your marriage in an intimate setting you will have taken the power back and given yourselves the best day of your lives. This is instead of running the risk to be disappointed because your original wedding didn’t come together as you had once hoped.

If you want to know more about elopements and intimate celebrations, contact Evelyn or Karolina who can guide you through the process.”

Thank you Karolina for your wise words, it’s been a pleasure having you here as the first guest on the blog!

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