A gorgeous Adventure elopement in the middle of sweden


Annie & Adam got inspired to have a adventure elopement by the series Extreme engagement. In this serie the couple travelled the world looking for specific wedding traditions for that specific culture. They decided to hike for three-four days and then go straight from that to their ceremony. Bold isn’t it! I can say, I was more than a little excited to document their adventure elopement. Ps. You can ask Adam, he has a video evidence of the maniac of photographer aka me. DS.

adventure couple getting ready
How I found them after their hiking and between the ceremony, we would do
Bride getting ready with her hiking boots on this adventure elopement
Getting ready for portraitsession
walking hand in hand towards the camera with backpacks
The view!

How the adventure wedding elopement day started?

As the couple started the adventure hike, family was taking care of Livia. As the days passed, the mother of the bride had to make a recording when she read the letter of a friend that would give them a mission. Different friends every day and this was the only time the couple used their cellphone. This is what I call an adventure. I know the groom had to pick out the bride’s flower bouquet, and one day they had to find a way to start a fire with no help (other than nature). Not to forget the bride was 8 months pregnant. Such a champion!

bride holding her groom as he is looking into the camera
walking hand in hand, both looking into the camera
sitting amongst a fallen tree, the groom is holding the brides maternity tummy
grooms handmade bridal bouquet
Grooms hand picked bridal bouquet
sweet kiss between bride and groom in the forest
Such a cool bride, 8 months pregnant and went for a adventure elopement.
Close up of the bride and her bouquet in this adventure elopement
Such a natural and stunning autumn bride.

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The adventurous ceremony

Adam and Annie carried their rings in a small leather bag around their neck the whole hike, and when it was time for the ceremony we were all anxious. An aunt was their officiant and by the roots of a mountain they both said yes to one another. And of course Livia was more than happy to see her parents and wouldn’t let go of mother after that. Bless her.

Adventure elopement walking up to the ceremony
Walking down the isle…
Bride says I do out in nature
I do, maybe – lol
Reading his vows out in nature
Reading the vows out into nature is such a magical experience
putting the ring on brides hand
Outdoor ceremony is so stunning
A ring on her finger
Vintage rings on muddy hands from the adventurous days before.
grooms special ring
Groom hadn’t seen the ring before…. WOW! That’s so rad.
The kiss on an outdoor ceremony
THE kiss
brides mother hugging the groom
Such a sweet moment, motherinlaw
flowerpetals on the ground matches the wellingtons
Matching petals with wellingtons!
Gotta love it

After that, it was time for dinner and some late night portraits as well!

Toast for the bride and groom!
A toast for the bride and groom.
Nature as a backdrop for details
Nature is a perfect backdrop for detail photos.
father in law taking a cellphone photo of the newly weds
Everyone wants a pic of the happy newly weds.
Bride touches up her make up for reception while baby is in the sink
Getting ready for reception.
Both of them!
midnight portrait as a silhuette
Silhouette portraits are stunning.
Starry night portrait for wedding couples
Starry night portraits.
close up of a night silhuette portrait
Stunning close up! Thank you carlights.

It sure was a fun adventure elopement to shoot! Are you ready to get in contact with me? YES!

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