10 stunning locations in stockholm you don’t want to miss


Finding stunning locations in Stockholm isn’t hard at all

Let me tell you, Stockholm is a stunning city. To find locations in Stockholm to get gorgeous photos from isn’t even close to hard. What’s hard is to narrow it down, so my first advise would be to consider what scenery you want. Stockholm is 1/3 water, 1/3 urban areas and 1/3 green spaces.

1. Archipelago and their 24 000 islands

A session with a sea view from land or boat, or on sand is one of the most stunning locations in Stockholm for a photo session. It could be an engagement shoot, a beach party to end an elopement wedding day or a ceremony to renew your vows.

A wedding couple entering a boat
Boat elopements are beautiful and oh so intimate
A groom kissing his bride by the shore in dramatic skies
You want drama you say, let me just put away my coffee…..

2. Old town never gets too old

when you choose locations in Stockholm, don’t forget that the city has a very old history. You can find cannonballs in the walls of the houses, the smallest statue in Stockholm very close where Discartes was located after his death before he was sent home to France, a square were the danish king threw a party and cut everyone’s head off. It’s a fascinating place with gorgeous architecture and loads of history.

A wedding couple sharing a cone of icecream in Stockholm city old town
Another of my favourite locations in Stockholm involves the old town
Post wedding session in old town stockholm, one of many locations in stockholm perfect for photos
Stunning architecture together with history and surrounded by water, old town has it all.

Don’t forget to go by subway when you do a session in Sthlm, the epic photos of being on the train is SO worth it!

a wedding couple on the subway station in stockholm on their weddingday
Stunning light in this open subway station in Stockholm
A elopement couple standing in a subway getting ready to step off.
Inside the subway always gets me.

3. Whiskytesting and a picnic at Fjäderholmarna

Well HELL yes!! There’s over 24 000 islands in the archipelago, and the city is built of islands. This is why my hometown is also called “The Venice of the north”. You can take many boats to near or far out islands and do a session or glamping or kayaking. The closest island with only half an hour boat trip is Fjäderholmarna. You can try whiskey or chocolate, or eat lunch at the restaurant or bring your own food to the cliffs. You decide, I will follow.

Look for the boat schedule here

A couple looking out from a boat window.
Boat trip to Fjäderholmarna
wedding couple looking out the window on a boat to Fjäderholmarna
Stunning storytelling on the way to Fjäderholmarna
Wedding couple on the cliffs of Fjäderholmarna
When the sky opens up, how beautiful with portraits on the cliffs
A couple standing on the cliffs of Fjäderholmarna and the guy is caressing her cheek
Beautiful engagement shot
Engagement shoot on the cliffs of fjäderholmarna
Perfect o add to your wedding website
Sunset lights in couples facec on the cliffs of Fjäderholmarna
The light peeps, the light

4. Royal parks for royal photos are one of the best locations in Stockholm

Hagaparken, Ulriksdal or take the boat to Drottningholm and you have a perfect park with stunning architecture. Enjoy a picnic or go for a stroll. There’s many places within these parks, so we can fins many locations to fit!

Engagement session in Hagaparken couple kissing
Beautiful free paces in Hagaparken
Couple playing in an open field in Hagaparken
Having fun is crucial to get great couple session photos
couple session on another gorgeous locations of Stockholm, Ulriksdal castle
Another gorgeous location in Stockholm
Couple ona. bench in the wind lalughing
Wind is always fun, Ulriksdal castle
ring photo in stunning locations in Stockholm, Ulriksdals slott
Renewal of vows is always a good idea!
Sun through the leafs as the couple look at each other. Stunning locations in Stockholm, Ulriksdals slott
Stunning renewal of vows on a ten year anniversary.

5. Last but not least Djurgården is located in the centre of the city and offers a various options for stunning photos

Waldemars udde, Hundudden, Rosendal, Skansen or the Abba Museum to say a few spots. Rent a bike and lets see the different locations.

A couple kissing in back light under a tree
Beautiful Djurgården in summer
Stunning locations in Stockholm and popping a champagne against the cam makes stunning photos
Popping champagne is always a good idea on any shot!
Couple having fun after popping a champagne bottle
Snuggle up and have fun!

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