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I understand the jungle of finding a elopement wedding photographer. The amount of talent is blowing everyone’s mind. However I do think there are some really important things to ask the photographer you’re thinking of hiring them.

I should probably cover the things you need to think about before you have a photographer in mind as well, but maybe that’s a story for next week.

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5 things to ask the photographer – Lets get started

1. Do they legally own a business?

Why does it matter? Well it has everything to do with protection for you (and of course for the photographer as well). Who wants to get into business with someone working illegal right? Also, it has to do with contracts, the gear of the photographer. If anything happens (which of course it can, it all technical stuff) a legal business owner has insurance, a hobby photographer do not and you may be the one paying for the reparation.

2. Do they have double (or triple) camerahouses with them on your day?

Like I wrote above, camera gear can break, or get dirt inside it and stop working. It is crucial that the photographer you hire uses double cameras on your elopement wedding day.

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Make sure you choose a photographer that has done loads of weddings

3. Does their camera have 2 cardslots?

Yep another one of the things to ask the photographer. I know it’s another of the technical stuff. But this one is also very important, using double card slots is a way to backup your card. It can also stop working, get old or just break. Using two cards at the same time is a way of making sure no photos get lost.

4. Do the photographer have a plan for backup after the wedding day is over.

You don’t know how often I hear photographers saying “I back up to external drives, I’m safe”. IT’S NOT ENOUGH. I know, because one of my hard drives actually did break once (and no one knows why) and I had 4 (!!!) unedited weddings on it. The person that were suppose to help did’t tell me first but he did not think he could save the images on it. The drive had broken in a place crucial to it’s function. I was lucky as h*ll – he managed to save all the photos and it cost me a 12 hour wedding. Make sure the photographer also back up to a cloud service.

5. How long is the turnaround time for the photos?

This is a good one because people normally don’t know how much work that goes into the editing after a wedding. Of course photographers may do it faster than me (between 8-12 weeks) but I hand edit every single photo to make sure they have the standard that I require. And you want the best, do you agree? My point is that you don’t want to be surprised by the amount of weeks it takes for the photographer you hire, but when you know it will be easier to wait.

Ok wait I need to get you one more, it’s just too important not to add in this list. So here goes:

6. Hire a photographer that has shot a lot of weddings.

Why? Because it is so completely different from any other kinds of photography jobs. You never know whats going to happen during a day. You have to know what you’re doing, being able to understand different kind of light conditions. And set the photo every single time, because you do not get a second try.

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