One stunning Adventure elopement with bikes and kayak in Stockholm

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Adventure elopement in Stockholm, let’s do this!

When I heard from Anneliese and the plans she had made for their adventure elopement the 21 of August, I was stoked. The day involved both biking and kayaking – and together with 18 month old Axel. The bride said to me;

We weren’t able to get all the family we wanted to Stockholm. Even if we could bring them all, I knew that I would worry about them, if they are okay etc. Therefor I wanted to add activities that we enjoy doing to our day. We want to do it our way.
Adventure elopement preparations putting on earrings
adventure elopement putting on wedding shoes
adventure elopement of 18 months Axel in elopement wedding attires
Such a cutie
adventure elopement vintage golden shoes and a certina watch on the lace veil
Gorgeous vintage shoes and a vintage watch

Adventure elopement putting on the dress
adventure elopement bride putting on lipstick on the balcony
Getting ready at their apartment on a sunny August day
Adventure elopement details of pendant with photos inside
Beautiful details of important people
adventure elopement elopement dress buttons details from zetterberg couture
adventure elopement elopement details of kids outfit
Sweetest outfit ever
adventure elopement a cat getting pampered wearing a bow tie
adventure elopement boy in his outfit

Vendors of this stunning adventure elopement:

Dress: Zetterberg Couture

Pearl Shell Clutch Bag: Rosalia soon to be Rosyleia

Veil: Mi bridal veil

Grooms outfit: j lindeberg official

Shoes: Next Tan leather shoes & Vintage bridal shoes

Rings: Caroline Hjerpe jewelry

Flat hat: CTH Ericson of Sweden

Cardigan: Hm

Pants & Suspendors: Hm

Flowers: A mix of balcony flowers and from blomsterringen

Bow tie: Catkin Jane

Bike: Rawbike Sweden and Monark hybrid Karla

adventure elopement bride and groom just said yes at Stockholm cityhall
adventure elopement portrait walking on the edge
adventure elopement couple and toddler standing. by the water with Stockholm in the backround
adventure elopement groom portrait by a stone wall
adventure elopement and bride portrait as she is looking at her bouquet

So where do I start to write about this stunning day. Maybe when I rang the bell at their apartment and I came in. On the balcony Anneliese was putting on her make up, the flowers was put in vases on the table and both the cats were all dressed up in bow ties. At home I captured when Axel got his outfit, the details of the wedding, when Anneliese was getting dressed and the cats of course. Then we hit the streets. The couple started their adventure elopement by the streets on the southern island in Stockholm.

adventure elopement getting ready to bike in park in stockholm
adventure elopement taking the bike to cityhall
adventure elopement biking towards their wedding at cityhall
adventure elopement bride on bike towards Stockholm cityhall
How stunning isn’t this?? A bride on her way to her cityhall adventure elopement in Stockholm

Then came cityhall where the architecture is magical and the portraits can be too, look above… and here comes a few more, just because I can’t get enough…

Are you inspired yet??

Get in touch and let’s start to plan

adventure elopement bride saying yes in tears at Stockholm cityhall
How emotional and so beautiful. And yes the photographer had tears as well (happens all the time)
adventure elopement bride and groom in the stairsat Stockholm cityhall
adventure elopement bride and groom with kid greeted by family outside Stockholm cityhall
So sweet when family and friends surprise the couple outside the ceremony, one can tell how happy they got! So very sweet!
adventure elopement bride and groom kissing and the dress is flying in the wind.
Such a stunning photo don’t you think?

After the ceremony and portraits at Stockholm cityhall it was time for biking to Örnsbergs kanotsällskap at Reimersholme. The couple loved to get moment for them selfs out at sea, watching their city and cityhall from a far.

adventure elopement couple ready to put their kayaks in the water
They anted to add activities that they enjoy to their wedding day. All to make the day even more authentically THEM.
adventure elopement when bride has put her kayak in the water
adventure elopement bride getting inside her kayak
adventure elopement both bride and groom inside their kayak
Ready for a sweet moment at sea where they can enjoy their day without anything else poking on their attention.
adventure elopement bride and groom kayaking in Stockholm by the wooden boats
adventure elopement bride and groom kayaking under a bridge in Stockholm
Bride and groom kayaking seen from above and a double exposure of the bridal bouquet
Don’t we all just LOVE a good double exposure photograph. It’s a perfect piece of art to put on the walls at home.

Where did this adventure elopement get the idea for their day?

As the quote say in the beginning of this post, they wanted to do something authentically them. They met on Tinder and decided to meet up. They both were part of Örnsbergs kanotsällskap and met up on the bridge to Reimersholme. I understood that bringing the kayaks into their wedding day actually ment something special to them. They have a history to the place and it is an activity they both enjoy. As is the biking, therefor they took the bike both between home and cityhall, and cityhall. to the kayaks. Eventually also back home.

This is def one of my most enjoyable weddings with so much laughter and fun!

Let me know what you think about this adventure elopement in Stockholm in the comments below!

Evelyn XoX


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