I’m stunned! A Silver medalist in the swedish championship!

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I wanted to share some behind the scenes images and story behind my latest achievements. A silver price in the Swedish championships of photography and the journeyman’s certificate. These two will be remembered for the rest of my life.

silver price in Swedish championship couple walking on a edge holding hand
“Hold my hand”
My image that gave me a silver price in this year’s Swedish championship of Photography.

So why compete with photos?

I can only go to myself with that question. I have competed for three years, and this is to me a brilliant way to learn and develop. So far I have competed in classic portraits, creative portraits, documentary, children portrait, wedding portrait and so far I have received 10 honorable mentions and now a silver price.

I have also tested my work abroad, and received a silver price in the prestigious competition wppi, and several prices in Sue Bryce competition “The portrait masters”. To know that my work has a high standards internationally feels good.

How did I get a silver price? How does the competition work?

The competition is divided in two parts, first part is the digital competition and if you make it to the finals only then you enter part two of the competition – the print final. You have to print your photo looking like the digital file. And if you know anything about this, the options are so many and the result differs depending on what paper you choose. So I spent a lot of time and money looking at my photo on different papers with different lights. Remember, the lights are totally different on a digital file, and on paper. And the changes you are allowed to do before the prins are very limited.

silver price in Swedish championship couple walking on a edge holding hand
This is now framed and up on my wall, together with my silver price medalion.

Check out all the video of the photos that made it to the finals : Here

silver price at the cityhall
Here I am receiving my (gesällbrev) journeyman’s certificate at Stockholm cityhall, the same room as the noble dinner is held every year. It was an amazing night that I will not easily forget. I did bring silver medal, if there’s anytime to have it, this was the perfect event for it.

To earn the journeyman’s certificate I had to do a test and also do work tests. It was several different kind of photo categories where I had to add between 3-12 images that I also had to present with a number of aspects . It was truly a journey itself. I learned so much.

So this has been a fun autumn and fall and I can’t wait to see what the next months has to offer!

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