3 direct reasons to have a romantic spring elopement in Venice

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Venice elopement couple talking by the gondolas in Venice

Ida & Ahmed had their legal ceremony a week before we met up with them to capture their spring elopement in Venice. And we got such a stunning day with sunshine, gondolas, and bridges. Spring elopement in Venice is also perfect as it’s not as crowded with people as in the high season.

How to have a spring elopement in Venice

  • Have your legal ceremony at home
  • Throw a “off we go” party for family or friends, or one when you come home
  • Book your tickets, accommodation, and photographer
  • Use me as I know all the good locations 🙂
  • oh and one thing more…. rent a car and lets drive 90mins to Cortina and have one day together in the Dolomites… Talk about epic and unique experiences. Adventure and romance all together.

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spring elopement in Venice, couple on a bridge in Venice close together
spring elopement in Venice sitting on a deck by the canale
How stunning, siting at the dock by the canal and gondolas passing by

Let’s be adventurous and experience the romantic city in spring time

It is less crowded, the flowers are popping up getting luminous and the city is waking up. Of course, the weather can be unpredictable, but that’s also something that will add life to your photos.

And to be honest, I think the variation of sun, rain, and even thunder are by far more romantic than the heat you will get during summertime and that together with the crowds of people… Nah, I prefer spring every day of the week.

spring elopement in Venice, couple standing on a bridge in Venice backlit, bride looking into the camera
The light peole
spring elopement in Venice, couple standing on a bridge in Venice backlit, looking deep into their eyes
the light
spring elopement in Venice, couple standing on a bridge in Venice backlit, kissingcouple on a dock leaning against the wall
…is just magnificent!
Vspring elopement in Venice, couple cuddeling in teh foreground, and a gondola on the canal in focus
How beautiful is this? I mean come on folks!

So here are my 3 reasons to have a spring elopement in Venice

  1. The variations in the weather are stunning and adds so much more fun, life and dimensions to your photos. Imagine running in rain, raindrops, the light after rain, even less crowded, maybe needing to take a taxi boat, sun, maybe thunder I mean how romantic….
  2. FEWER PEOPLE. I am serious, it’s nearly always crazy crowded in Venice and even in spring you can’t escape people. But it will be possible to get a bridge without any other people. And that is worth a lot trust me.
  3. Less dirt. Ida and Ahmed had their session in April, that was perfect because there was nearly no dirt and waste on the ground or in the water at all. With more people there will be much more.
spring elopement in Venice, couple cuddling under the arches at the Marco square in Venice
Always always when in Venice
spring elopement in Venicethe architecture in Venice
Stunning architecture everywhere

If you want to see all the photos from this session, here is the gallery

Evelyn is an absolutely fantastic photographer!
She is bursting with joy and passion for the profession. Her warmth, energy and inspiration are truly contagious. She is extremely professional, at the same time as she is creative and playful in her professional role. A perfect combination so that we would feel safe and comfortable in front of the camera, and that she managed to capture that wonderfully loving and convey it in the picture! She showed us to such incredibly beautiful places around Venice, and we are speechless over the beautiful pictures taken.

She managed to capture the perfect moment, the light, the feeling, with a nice framing and enchanting background. We are so enormously grateful that we were photographed by you, that we got to know you, and that we got to share this magical day in Venice with you! You really managed to capture the feeling we carried during the day and convey it in pictures.

BIG thank you Evelyn for the day, you are an absolutely wonderful person and see you soon!
/ Ida and Ahmed

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Until next time, feel free to share the post and comment below!

Thanks all!

XoX Evelyn


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