A traditional wedding or an adventurous elopement? 5 big, important issues to adress!

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So one thing is sure, you are saying yes to one another!! Excellent! Now you need to decide to do a wedding or an adventurous elopement. This is what the post is about.

So how do we ge started with deciding how, when and with who?

Deciding whether to have a wedding or an adventurous elopement depends on your personal preferences and circumstances. And deciding is kind of a big deal right? One of your biggest days in life should not be left to others to decide, or just to do what has always been done. It is a matter of what you think, and what your partner thinks. And only by knowing that, you two can decide.

bride doing her make up and hair
Stunning destination wedding without being pulled by traditions

One thing is sure, you two need to sit down with a few questions in mind and think them over apart from each other. Only when you have finished you can tell each other the answers. I’ll get to that further down in this post. But read this first;

Here are a few general factors to consider when making your decision on doing a wedding or an adventurous elopement:

  1. Guest list: Elopements typically involve only the couple and a few close friends or family members, while weddings usually have a larger guest list. If you want a small, intimate ceremony, an elopement may be the right choice for you.
  2. Budget: Elopements tend to be less expensive than traditional weddings because they usually involve fewer guests and less elaborate planning.
  3. Location: Elopements can take place in any location that is meaningful to the couple, while weddings are typically held in a traditional venue, such as a church or reception hall.
  4. Time and effort: Elopements are often planned quickly and with less effort than traditional weddings. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time planning and preparing for your wedding, an elopement may be a better option.
  5. Style and tradition: Elopements tend to be less formal than traditional weddings, and couples may have more freedom to personalize their ceremony. If you want a more traditional, formal wedding, a traditional wedding would be a better option.

a couple standing on cliffs with roaring ocean below
couple hugging with snowy mountains as backdrop in the dolomites
Venice spring elopement, couple on a bridge in Venice looking into the camera

Ultimately, the decision between a traditional wedding and an adventurous elopement should be based on what feels right for you and your partner. It’s important to consider your personal preferences, as well as your budget and schedule, when making your decision.

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The activity to do together is a really good way of starting the planning, after that you will get a feel to what is important to you, and what is not. To start this activity you need a quiet and calm place, pen and paper or phone notes, and time like an hour or two. No stress is ever good, right?

Download the activity

A couple that decided on a wedding or an adventurous elopement in Alicante, walking on the beach

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  1. Doug McCulloch

    Thanks so much for sharing these. There are definitely some pros and cons of each, I’m so glad you shared these with us. Amazing photos as well!


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