Why choose Stockholm for your elopement day? Is it really that beautiful?

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If you consider a Stockholm elopement, let me get your ideas started. The city was founded in 1252 as a fishing village, but became Sweden’s capital in 1523. The city is spread over fourteen islands in Mälaren which are connected to each other by a series of bridges. Stockholm is also often called the “Venice of the North”, as most of its buildings are canals or scattered around small archipelago-like islands through Stockholm’s harbour. And let us not forget the over 21 000 islands in the archipelago where you have some really fun option to explore.

Stockholm seen from Montelius street at sunrise in December.

Stockholm view over Riddarholmen, at sunrise at Montelius street

Stockholm for your elopement, let’s get started.

Let’s start off with the variety of things to do. The easiest to understand is of course the axess to water. Closest to the city you have the options of kayaking, sightseeing boats, boats crossing the islands, ferries going to Finland for a day or two, bars and restaurant located with the most beautiful views. During summer you find restaurants and bars ON the water.

With that being said, nature and the easy access to parks and strolls. In the middle of the city you will find beautiful parks, places in nature to enjoy coffee and “fika”. Fika is often translated as “a coffee and cake break”, which is kind of correct, but really it is much more than that. Fika is a concept, even a ritual, a state of mind, an attitude and an important part of Swedish culture. Many Swedes consider that it is almost essential to make time for fika every day. It means making time for friends and colleagues to share a cup of coffee (or tea) and a little something to eat. You and I fika so good together. No matter how busy you are, there is always time for fika.

Wedding couple in the old town enjoying ice-cream
Bröllopspar efter vigsel, en fika med öl i Humlegården Stockholm

Beer or ice-cream can also serve as perfect ideas for a fika.

Let’s move along

No matter if you guys are foodies, cultural beings, historian lovers, exercise-addicts, Abba lovers you merely want to walk and explore on your elopement day, Stockholm has it all.

Foodies you guys can both experience some really awesome Michelin star – restaurants. here is a list of them. Make sure to try them out during your Stockholm elopement day:



Sushi Sho
Adam & Albin

Nyförlovat par på takbar i Stockholm, gående mot bröllopsfotografen och visar stolt ringen för kameran.

if you enjoy culture and art, you have so many galleries and art museums worth visiting. National museum is stunning , and after photographing engagement photos there, I can tell you having a ceremony there among the sculptures and art is nothing but stunning. Even having some portraits taken there is beautiful. I also recommend The modern museum of art, Fotografiska, which holds exhibitions of some of the worlds best photography. If you fancy a boat trip as well, do that by taking a boat out to Artipilag, which is located in Gustavsberg and worth a visit. You can also visit the Abba museum by taking a boat from slussen. It is a fun and very interactive museum, you can record a video, or why not record your very own Abba song. Such a sweet souvenir from your elopement day. If you are lucky, you can hear Björn (of Abba) play his piano at home. It is live recorded. So cool.

Elopement couple at National museum in Stockholm, leaning against a sealing, with statues behind them

Stunning setting for a Stockholm elopement at National museum.

Also, don’t forget the worlds longest art exhibition, located in the subway of Stockholm. It is 110 km long and you can see sculptures, paintings, mosaic and installations. Photos in the subway is epic and something special for sure, combining every day life with the most important day in your life.

As we are talking about boats, Those of the more adventurous couples reading this, this is for you. You can have your very own experience of island backpacking, island to island if you fancy a few days of exploring the archipelago.

Elopement couple in the Old town subway cuddling up head towards head with bouquet in hand
Elopement fotografering Stockholm tunnelbana där paret är på väg in i tunnelbanan
elopement couple inside a subway train in Stockholm holding hands, and about to kiss
Elopement par som står stilla panna mot panna på en tunnelbanestation i Stockholm, med en tunnelbana som susar förbi i bakgrunden

For those of you interested in the very long history of Stockholm, you have so many treats in the old town. The neighbourhood dates from the 13th century but most buildings are from the 1600s and 1700s. It is a glorious labyrinth of charming cobbled streets, alleyways, faded mustard and rust-coloured townhouses and meeting squares. And lots of art galleries and craftsmanship stores. It is the perfect location for stunning photographs, local history guides, fika, and some of the really great restaurants are here. If you want an historical restaurant, I highly recommend Aifur, or the oldest restaurant in Stockholm from 1772, Gyldene freden . Spend some time to read about the history of this place. It is truly fascinating. In the old town, you can also find the Nobel price museum and the baroque style, royal castle.

Elopement par i gamla stan där brudgumen står bakom bruden och de är på väg att kyssas vid kastanien
Brudpar dansar i gränderna av Gamla stan. Hon i röd klänning som snurrar.
Wedding couple in Old town Stockholm holding each other laughing

Stockholm elopement by foot

The exercise-addicts of you, there’s so many fun things to do. Stockholm is an easy city to bike through, you can rent them and bring a beautiful picnic to a park, close to the water, from A to B or just stop wherever you feel like. Kayaking in the sunset, between the islands, or why ot before the sun rises and the city awakes. Just keep in mind that during summer, sunrise is in the middle of the night. And, walking through the city during summer nights is one of the most romantic thing you can do!

Bröllopspar cyklar ut på Riddarholmen på väg för mer bröllopsporträtt
Through city lights bride and groom on their way to the city hall ceremony
cool elopement couple kayaking in Stockholm
Elopement couple in their kayaks, ready to start kayaking with bouquet in front of the bride
brud som lyfter på sin blåa brudklänning och går barfota vid strandkanten mot bröllopsfotografen
Bröllopspar barfota å en strand, sparkandes sand på varandra, skrattandes
Bröllopspar där brudgummen lyfter upp hans barfota brud vid strandkanten. Blå klänning
Brud som barfota går bort från kameran, barfota på en strand och bruden har en blå brudklänning och vänder sitt ansikte och blicken mot kameran

There are several beautiful scenic spots around the city, but do you want some outdoor spots I suggest Mariaberget and Montelius street, both on the south island of the city.

Brudpar som höjer sina armar ot en Finlandsbåt

This was a moment that I will never forget. The bride told me that she would love to see the Finland ferry during her elopement day, because that was the way she came to Sweden, so it was very personal for her. Little did we know that during our portraits by the water, the ferry actually came.

Brudpar som höjer sina armar ot en Finlandsbåt

Are you ready to contact me as your elopement photographer? Perfect!!

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Talk soon!

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