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What can we expect to be the wedding trends of 2021 and 2022?

The world just isn’t the same any more, that’s one thing certain. During 2020 so many of the couples getting married had to rethink, and the level of stress planning a wedding hang like a thick fog over the fun of it. One more thing we know with certainty is, we know nothing of how the following months of 2021 will be. And the trends in the end of 2021 may differ from what we see now.

Couples that are planning their wedding day have needed to change their expectations on how and what their wedding will be. More couples are intentional and focused on the ceremony.

First of the wedding trends

Weekday weddings.

If you decide to have less guests you don’t need to worry as much that the ones you invite won’t get a vacation on a wedding-day. It’s not as doable if you invite 100 people. And also, booking a weekday will allow the couple to book their dream venue and dream vendors.


People are more aware than ever when it comes to being sustainable. We will see more of this in digital invitations, and virtual celebrations. Thos is another reason eloping are so popular. There is something special in having your ceremony in nature, in a place that was there before you and will continue to grow and live on after your celebration is over.

Wedding trends getting married in nature
Another of the Wedding trends, nature the wild and unknown

Intimate guest lists.

People are (now more than ever) craving connection and quality interaction with people they love. We see more of inviting the closest in your tribe, and getting time to talk real valuable conversations on your wedding day. That is just not doable when you have 150 guests. You can read more about why here)

Special places and in -the- garden weddings.

Home is a always home and I think we will see more of the places that means something special to the couple become their wedding venue of choice. Those who has summerhouses of houses and areas they grew up are also special, or spors where coupes met or had a really special vacation at are some of the places we will see more of.

Wedding trends of couples choosing a close by wedding at a special place
A special place to them, Ihre klint at Gotland. A favourite for sure.

More unexpected venues

When the guest list gets more narrow I think couple sees the opportunity do do something different and to thoink outside the box. Maybe rent a boat, how awesome wouldn’t that be (hints the sailors daughter *wink wink*). Go on a cruise in the Caribbean – or why not to Greenland or Alaska?! Or a helicopter ride to a glacier and row a boat on the lakes?


Doing intimate destination weddings will never grow out of style. And after the pandemic we will see a rise of travelling couples – I am sure of it (so start to plan you)! But before that we will see more train destinations and roadtrips to close by places. Glamping is an option for those who love nature but still want that feel of luxury.

Venice couples elopement
Venice is ALWAYS a good idea. PSSSSST I have a spot availiable the 28th of May 2021…

Mini wedding cakes.

I think there will be an overall individual serving when it comes to dinners, cocktail hour etc. And when it comes to cake , a individual wedding cake is a way of making sure guests feel extra special.

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