Gorgeous and adventurous International Elopement in Stockholm

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International elopement sessions has been paused for a while (too darn long imo). However, we see the world slowly opening up, day by day and it’s officially time to start dreaming again. I think it’s time to show off how beautiful, adventurous and bold an international elopement in Stockholm can be.

Szu and Ting contacted me on facebook, and wanted to book a elopement session with me. They are elite orienters and was going to spend some time in Stockholm. They wanted to do a 4 hour pre- wedding elopement session in their wedding clothes and then change for some more casual clothing.

Piggy ride in sunset , international elopement in Stockholm

I contacted Evelyn after looking for a wedding photographer in Stockholm, and I found her on google map and Facebook. We had some wonderful memories in Stockholm and during our travels.

Evelyn is a very good photographer and she is keen on capturing the photos she has in mind. If you are looking for a photographer in Stockholm, I highly recommend Evelyn! Thank you Evelyn so much!

This international elopement session had it all…

We met up by the teater Dramaten in central Stockholm. They were wearing their wedding clothes and looked stunning. As the forecast said sunshine and the sky was blue, I never dreamed of asking them to bring umbrellas. However, Stockholm is built on several islands, and as we all know, island weather changes quickly.

After just a few minutes we were headed towards the boats that would take us to Fjäderholmarna, and the sky opened up heavily. The sky suddenly had a big black cloud just above us. Thankfully the dock we were waiting at had a roof, but it was really uncertain whether we could go onboard the boat. A few minutes before it arrived to pick us up, I have the couple a choice.

Detail of the bridal dress from the back with buttons
Groom portrait looking out into the future

  • One. We could take a chance, and hop onboard the boat that would take us to Fjäderholmarna, but, we would not be sure if the rain would stop wile there or not.
  • Two. We could stay in the city and go straight to the area where we were suppose to end the session in low light evening. But then we would not get that archipelago feeling that is typical for Stockholm.
international elopement in stockholm, a stormy day at sea

Let me tell you, they went for it! Never really knowing what would happen. That is BOLD!

The amount of courage it takes to jump out in the wild not knowing if we could do the session at all. Man I was proud and humble being part of their adventurous day! Being runners we focused on quite a number of photos where they were running in their wedding clothes.

Not to forget the surprise Szu got when Ting proposed properly on the cliffs with the ring she wasn’t aware she was getting. The moral of the story is – YOU CAN DO WHATEVER YOU WANT ON YOUR DAY! So lets start to plan.

Of course you want to see their photos right? Heres the link to their gallery!

You can find my offerings on international elopements, here

And I have a special offer for quite a few places in the world, so check out this post and if you’re lucky your spot is in that list – get it!

Talk soon again! And please let me know what you think in the comment section below!

XOX Evelyn


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