Stunning photos from different seasons!


How ro get the stunning photos your wedding day deserves – no matter season!

So lets be clear, when you hire a professional wedding photographer, and someone like me, how loves to shoot outdoors, I KNOW you will get all the stunning photos. Because, that is what we/I do. I know my lighting, what to look for, and even if it’s raining, storming, or snowing I know how to get the photos of your dreams. Cocky? Maybe, but I know what I am good at, and I know what I am less good at. I am less good at doing book keeping and tax stuff – so have hired someone to help me with that. But when it comes to stunning photos – I know my stuff! *hands up*

Stunning image when it's raining and a couple standing under a umbrella.

Stockholm in september can be late summer warmth or rain. This couple had rain all day, but the gallery came out with stunning photos and memories for a lifetime.

  • A one coloured umbrella
  • A blanket
  • Trust your photographer

I did a wedding late February as well last year, and to be honest that time of year in the middle of Sweden, I can tell you that you have absolutely NO idea what the weather is like. Most likely it*s both wet, brown-greyish and nature very dead. This couple was bold, te bride did not have a coat nor anything over her shoulder but she got such amazing photos. When we were about to quit the portrait session I saw this photo, and asked if they could agree on just one more shot outdoors, the weather had already gone close to storm. They agreed. I mean, look at these.

Stormy wedding portrait by Ekoluslunds castle
A bride and groom kissing and the sky is their backdrop
Couple walking towards the camera hand in hand

As you can see, it’s cold as f*ck but the bride did it! And I am certain she loves the photos as well.

Thinking of summer, you may think that there’s really nothing to be worried about when it comes to weather conditions. But especially in Sweden it is likely to rain, so I always keep that in mind and tell the couple to have a beautiful one coloured umbrella ready. If they are in to it, a coloured pear of wellingtons is also a fun accessory in your wedding photos. That surely add some character to your gallery.

If it is sunshine on your day, remember that midday harsh light is different than the soft afternoon sunlight or even sunset colours, so if you are considering doing an outdoor ceremony. It might be useful to think of somewhere with a shade, if you don’t want everyone in the photos to pry.

A groom kissing his bride on the cheek in harsh sunlight with water behind them
In harsh sunlight. Love this one. The intimacy is striking..
The kiss under a tree is another stunning photo
THE kiss, under a tree – in the shade. Beautiful.

Autumn weddings can be colourful, moody, and rainy. Here below I am showing you what happens when you get sunshine in October… The light is low ALL day…. *cheering high*

October wedding with a veil flying in the wind as the couple kiss
October micro wedding when you have low light all day!!
Standing on a dock, while the veil is blowing in the wind
Beautiful fall caption with the forrest backdrop
Stunning photo of the bride is leaning against his chest
This is something more to think of. NO I didn’t bring my reflector, BUT my white shirt reflected in the brides face and dress.

How I also have a secret to share with you guys….

Ta daaaaa…. Yes I am right now working on a preset pack. I am selling you a bundle of presets for lightroom. And the first package is going to focus on the different seasons. I’m so excited!

Do you want to read more about what to do to get stunning photos, read here

See you soon.

XoX Evelyn


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