Love Never stop! this couple changed plans completely! they went for an elopement by Rosersberg!


Björn and Caroline changed their plans completely, instead of a traditional castle wedding, they went for a elopement by Rosersberg in Stockholm. Close to the shore together with their closest family and friends.

Wedding ceremony by the shore  elopement in stockholm
Groom whispers something in his brides ear elopement in Stockholm
Bridal session by Rosersdals castle elopement in Stockholm

The original plan för the couple was to get married in church where Björns father and grandfather had gotten married in. The traditions was highly valued for Caroline and Björn when they first booked me in 2019. As the months passed and the pandemic still held the world in it’s hands, they decided to contact me. In June they had made the decision to have a small cityhall ceremony and do the party in 2021.

What people don’t know about city hall weddings

People generally don’t know how it works in the cityhall. And as an advocate for making sure their day becomes as magical as possible, I asked them. They had no idea that it works lika a drop – in. You get access indoors 15 minutes before it’s your turn. The ceremony takes at the most 3 minutes and includes nothing personal at all, and then it’s all done. So I asked them to think outside this box. Wouldn’t it be lovely to get married somewhere outdoors. And make the ceremony as personal as you wish it to be.

What they thought of the idea of an elopement by Rosersberg

They totally fell for the idea. They finally decided to have an outdoor ceremony by the shore, close to Rosersberg castle in Stockholm. The elopement by Rosersberg would include closest family and wrap the day up with a small dinner at the castle. Then of course sleep over during t heir wedding night.

Book a elopement clarity call with me and let’s start planning your dream elopement.

Really happy with the final result from Evelyn. Not only the photos became stunning, we also had lots of fun with her before the ceremony.We completely let go, and she made us feel so safe the entire time. Not only did she know where and how to capture us, she had scouted beforehand so she knew exactly where to go. For us, THAT is professionalism.

She also found us the perfect spot for our ceremony that made our day absolutely magical!

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