7 Gorgeous Bridal hairdo’s to be inspired by


Let me tell you, I have seen some amazing bridal hairdo’s during the weddings I have shot. Both classic and timeless and also modern and different. I think you need to see the hair together with the dress you wear, just as the make up should highlight your best features. The same with dress and hair.

Here comes 7 of my favourites bridal hairdo’s.

1. A classic bun.

The super models of bridal hairdo’s are the classical and timeless bun. You can have it low, high, messy or with jewellery or flowers.

NYC elopement, couple by the press lounge

This was my bridal hair. Of course I’m obsessed with my hair together with the low back dress.

Intimate weddings gorgeous bridal hairdo's in NYC rooftop INK 48, the press lounge
I love how my hair artist made my bun hair layers by layers.
bridal hairdo's on top of a rooftop in NYC
I think this hairdo is perfect for the dresses with a low back.

Photographer: Robert Carlo

Venue: The press Lounge

2. Another version of the bun, together with a braid.

Nina also chose a bun to her low back dress, she also had a beautiful back jewellery. How beautiful isn’t this bun with a braid. Location is Gotland.

bridal hairdo's and gotland bridal kiss by Ihreviken
Just so stunning and suits the dress perfectly
Gotland wedding and a stunning bridal hairdo's
Eskimo kiss by the ocean at Gotland

3. You like your hair out? Perfect, I have one special for you!

I do think Anna looked just perfect for the wedding with a nautical feel, close by the water: She had her bridal hair half- up and waves. Look, how stunning wasn’t she?

bridal hairdo's with a nautical feel and a first look
Beautiful moment just before her groom sees her
bridal hairdo's and the bridal looking at her groom to be in a first lok
That wavy hair looks amazing
bridal hairdo's when she sees her self in the mirror
How stunning doesn’t Anna look, I mean drop dead beautiful.

4. Lets have a braid with floral details.

If you do like a different approach to bridal hairdo’s, I would suggest a braid, it does look chic and this one particularly romantic, with eucalyptus leafs as well.

bridal hairdo's and a loving moment in a castle
To be honest, how stunning isn’t this hairdo?
bridal hairdo's when she's enjoying the castle
Who can resist a castle elopement like this?
bridal hairdo's and a couple standing in a window forehead against forehead
Natural light from a window is always a great idea
bridal hairdo's as the couple is leaning against the stonewall
And when the couple is looking out and into their future,
it just gets me every single time.

5. Another fancy updo that just screams bridal.

This look that Caroline wore on their wedding day is both glamorous and chic and it screams wedding don’t you agree.

bridal updo's and a alley first look
Somehow it always seem to get emotional during first look, and it’s suppose to be. Make sure you let it all out!l
bridal hairdo's where groom is kissing his bride to be after first look
How beautiful aren’t they
bridal hairdo's when she gets hugs and congratulations by family and friends
Aww those warm hugs and congratulations from family and friends
bridal hairdo's when a couple is standing in a wheat field and kiss
Running out a wheat field is always a brilliant idea… just make sure you bring extra shoes.

6. Something completely different? why not? It is your elopement.

I keep getting back to this fact. It is YOUR wedding day – you decide if you want something totally different. Katharine did, and they wanted a bit of a sci fiction over their wedding. This is her dream hear for their day.

bridal hairdo's during the portrait session
How cool isn’t this hairdo?
bridal updo's and a bride during the portrait session
I do wonder how many braids she’s got in there.
bridal hairdo's leaning on her groom's shoulder during portrait session
So dreamlike and romantic at the venue of Balingsholm

7. And a vintage touch at it’s best

Saara was defiantly the bride to go all vintage. Her dress was sawn just for her and hair and make up was vintage inspired, to say the least. But how it suited her. Like a dream.

bridal hairdo's about to kiss
Look at that hairdo. Wowza.
bridal hairdo's and a brides hair just as it's done
Vintage inspiration. How perfect isn’t these curls and the color and and and…

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