YOUR DREAM WEDDING – The 5 most important things you need to consider


I get it, your dream wedding looks completely different from any other’s dream wedding. But no matter what your dream wedding looks like, there are some crucial things to consider.

1. What is your dream wedding? Really….

You may think this one is easy peasy, but you’d be surprised how many of you guys planning your weddingthat never even considered the fact that you have a choice in the matter. You can decide how, where and when to get married. You do not have to follow the rulebook if you realise that a traditional wedding really isn’t for you. If it is great, then you made your decision. Move on to number 2.

your dream wedding provence lavender field
There is no right or wrong really, you decide what your wedding day is going to look like

2. When deciding what your dream wedding looks like, who do you want to invite. All 200 guests or the 30 closest and do a party later.

This is not as simple as it sounds imagine you invite 200 guests. If you want to speak to each and every one in 5 minutes on the entire wedding day it will take you time. 200 (guests)*5 (minutes) = 1000 minutes, 1000/60= 16h

Obviously if you don’t mind not speaking to your guests, then this is not a problem, but if you do… then you’re in trouble if you don’t cut down on the guest list.

your dream wedding and dancing your first dance
Many people, just a few selected or just the two of you is something to think about
Evelyn Wallin Elopement Photographer and Expert Scottland mountain elopement and fog
Just the two of you is an intimate way and makes sure you get quality time with your loved one. You can party later.

3. What is really important to you both?

What to include on your day and where to elope/get married are just a few of the things that you need to compromise about. Sit down (preferably on your own) and write down the things that you want on your wedding day. Then prioritise – just write it all down. And give the words points, the higher point the more important is it. Is there anything you really don’t care about? Make a list about that too…

4. How to personalise and make your day extra special.

So if you have decided a church wedding is still the most dreamlike you can imagine. Talk to the priest, in what way can you make the ceremony even more personal. Can you add a child to the ceremony somehow. Is their a chance to have live music, or can someone read a letter from a family member that couldn’t make it? Maybe you can hire a horse and wagon for transportation to and from the church.

And a non traditional wedding ceremony can be as long as you wish for. And the possibilities to make it personal are endless… If you want even more inspiration on how to make your ceremony more personal, read this blog post that I wrote about it right here

your drea wedding includes your dog, for sure
Bring your furry friends! Pleeeease…

5. What do you do when the day is over?

I know, kinda hard to think and plan for the hours and days after your big day, but to be honest loads of couples feel empty after their day. The day the have planned for in such a long time, is over. I make these suggestions to make it less painful. 1. Why not have your dream wedding day in a place you’ve always wanted to explore… You can start your honeymoon the day after and experience loads of fun. 2. Start another project together. Start a dance course, take some cooking lessons together or something else.

pink forground looking into their future

Thanks for reading! See you next week!

XoX Evelyn


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