1 bold wedding party at stunning Fotografiska in Stockholm

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Anna & Kristoffer had their ceremony at cityhall in mid August and as soon as Swedish government lifted the Covid restrictions the end of September they decided to have their wedding party. One of the most stunning venues in Stockholm is the moderna Photographic museum & exhibition, Fotografiska.

And what a party it became. Live music for the mingle and a saxophonist to the dance floor.

Wedding party couple waiting for their guests outside of Fotografiska
Anna & Kristoffer awaiting their guests to join them to their wedding party, outside Fotografiska in Stockholm
wedding party with live music
wedding party the details on the table at Fotografiska
wedding party at Fotografiska in Stockholm with the view over the water
How stunning isn’t this location in the centre of Stockholm.

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wedding party bride sitting and having conversations by the table
wedding party bride having fun on the dancefloor
wedding party bride and groom cutting their wedding cake
wedding party cake details
wedding party cutting the cake kisses
Cutting the cake is always a good idea

The party included a four course dinner at the vegan restaurant that has gotten a green start by Guide Michelin, you can read about the restaurant here

What happen then at the wedding party?

After the dinner and cake was cut and eaten the Dj started and together with them they had a saxophonist. This was so great and I can truly recommend anyone who wants a bit of extra feeling to the dance floor to hire a live musician to play alongside the music of the Dj.

wedding party a saxonphonist playing together with the dj
wedding party man doing some robot moves
wedding party girls having fun on the dance floor
wedding party dancing people on dancefloor
wedding party at fotografiska, couple dancing
wedding party dance floor full at Fotografiska
wedding party at Fotografiska, people enjoying the dance floor

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