Edinburgh elopement ideas – the city of history and magic – Picture perfect for love stories.

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Edinburgh elopement ideas for lovers from anywhere!

Edinburgh elopement ideas, scenic photo from Edinburgh castle towards the mountains
Stunning view over the mountains from Edinburgh castle

Scotland overall is just the perfect place for eloping – highlands, old buildings, a rough history, hills and the ocean.Have you seen the Outlander, if you know you know.

When I went to Edinburgh I had gotten a message from Lorna. She had fallen in love with my photographs on instagram and dreamed of a session with her teenage daughter whom she felt needed gaining some confidence. Naturally I loved the idea and flew in to meet up with them during a cold January day.

As I do when I don’t have the time to do my research on spot, I use several different apps to know just how the weather will be, where the sun would stand (if it did that is) and the different places around the city.

Edinburgh elopement ideas number 1:

One thing I really wanted was to catch the sunrise over the water, but was told by friends living in the city said that Edinburgh people never gets to see the sun rises, EVER. i could have changed my mind in fear, but you know, that’s just not me. So we gave it a try and started our photo session where I had planned for the sunrise session.

Start at sunrise, you really don’t want to miss out on this one.

Edinburgh elopement ideas teenager standing by the ocean closing her eyes
This was taken as we just got to the place. THAT feeling you know, when the world is so bloody beautiful
Edinburgh elopement ideas mother and daughter looking at each other with sunrise in the distance
How beautiful aren’t they together. I love this image.

After he sun had came up we headed into the city centre and being rather early in the morning, we had a way of solving the gap, which brings me to:

Edinburgh elopement ideas, number 2:

Walking along the royal mile will give you stunning low light between the buildings and coming up to the top and the castle you have the most scenic view of the mountains in the distance. But before, you need breakfast and wait for the sun to get a little bit higher in the sky.

Edinburgh elopement ideas  mother and daughter drinking coffee at a café
A coffee or five, in the beautiful city of Edinburgh is just never wrong! Especially with the one’s you love..
Edinburgh elopement ideas daughter and mother at a caf'e and daughter looking out the window
Sharing moments together with your mother is priceless. Trust me..

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After the breakfast and hot chocolate we decided to heck out the street, and stroll up the royal mile and back down again.

Edinburgh elopement ideas mother and teenager strolling up the Royal mile
This is a stunning street, but remember that pebble-stones are not made for high heels, but oh so stunning to walk on.
Edinburgh elopement ideas daugher hugging her mother in backlit in Scotland
The narrow streets of the royal mile were perfect to capture the low light, when the sun had comes up a little higher
Edinburgh elopement ideas mom and daughter sharing a moment in backlit
Stunning to say the least. Now what do you say to this?? The sun that came at us on top of The royal mile and the castle was mind blowing beautiful.

Edinburgh elopement ideas, number 3:

If you’ve come to this stunning country, please don’t forget that there’s so much more to see. You can easily take a roadtrip and have your photos taken up among the mountains, and hills around Scotland. I’m sure it’s waiting for you.

Edinburgh elopement ideas Edinburgh monument in backlit with dramatic skies
This monument is epic! And even more IRL. Let’s go!

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