Gorgeous Californian proposal In Stockholm on new years eve

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Harjot wanted epic scenery to go with his proposal to Kirat. He chose Stockholm and when he found me on Instagram and soon we were planning the whole thing. They wouldn’t arrive in Stockholm until the day before so he was unable to go out and look for himself the location for the proposal. Thankfully he had me. 🙂

He wanted to do the proposal as the sun rises and gave enough light for the photograph. I always ALWAYS love to do sessions at the sunrise or just after. It is such a moment of hope. The new day has started and you get another chance to live. As we are in Sweden, we just never know what the forecast will be. Even if it says that it will be sun, there just might not be and vice versa.

The forecast said no sun, but I wanted Harjot to be prepared because it it would be a sun shining the city hall would be the absolute perfect spot for gorgeous backlight portraits. And it would be early enough for less people around, so we could get the candid photos they wished for.

But, if it wasn’t any sun the perfect spot would be Mariaberget, or Montelius vĂ€g, on the opposite side of the water to city hall. being higher up overlooking the city hall, and RiddarfjĂ€rden with Riddarholmen and on the other side of City Hall, the NorrmĂ€larstrand is nothing but epic.

How did the proposal do?

There were no sun, so Mariaberget it was!

I was standing on a stairway looking like I was doing landscape photography. Man did I get many birds. Hahha. But then they arrived. And I’ll let the photos speak for themselves!

proposal californian couple taking a selfie with a view over Stockholm
So un aware…
proposal just as she turns around and sees him on his knees
Man how excited I was, and I know how nervous he was.
proposal as she realized that he is holding a ring in his hand
They are just sooo sweet!
proposal the tear running down her cheek as he is still on his knees
proposal she is crying of joy as he is taking up the ring from the box
proposal as she is leaning n to look closer at the ring
He’s putting a ring on it. Yay!!
proposal, afterwards he is hugging her ever so closely
proposal, a close up on the ring as they hug
How stunning, no?!

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proposal hugging one another
proposal as he is lifting her to the sky in joy
proposal couple snuggling up close
proposal he is kissing her on her forehead
proposal he is hugging her from behind
proposal close up as the bride is looking into the camera while holding hand
proposal walking in Stockholm
proposal he is kissing her hand
proposal hands with the ring with Stockholm in the back
proposal standing on a small bridge between two houses
How stunning aren’t these photos…
proposal hugging her from behind with closed eyes
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