3 Wedding trends for 2023! Let’s keep it simple!

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The wedding trends of 2023 are so good! You so want to read this one! So 2022 became such a stunning year for couples all over the globe! You got married they way you wanted. Your dream vision became reality. I hope!

Let’s jump right in!

Wedding trends with a couple outside a small chapel in the Dolomites
Let’s especially dive into the wedding trends of 2023

No 1 wedding trends:

I see an increase of people that prefer the more intimate and more sustainable elopement weddings. People value their privacy and don’t want to show off as much. Couples are not that interested in putting such huge amount of money on stuff (mostly thrown away after that day). The waste that is created during the wedding day is just not that interesting anymore. Despite this, this is not the whole truth…

wedding trends, beautiful and unforgettable elopement in provence a mountainvillage and a couple
Provence, small and intimate and specifically for elopements, and engagementsesxsions
An elopement in Venice, groom kissing his bride on the cheeks
Venice is obviously always a brilliant idea

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No 2 wedding trends:

The polarisation is real! People are leaning towards less waste, and more intimacy on their wedding day. However the people who wants more luxury is also increasing. The more is more philosophy. You want more of stunning French villas, castles, huge flower arrangements, expensive dresses etc etc. It is not very surprising though..

High end venue Dimora Delle Balze in Sicily
A stunning table setting at Dimora del Balze in sicily
When you want more is more Dimora Delle Balze is it!
A wedding couple entering a boat
A boat in Stockholm archipelago is just stunning. A perfect way for the mingle and champagne for
family and friends to enjoy the wedding with the couple.

No 3 of wedding trends:

Meanwhile the polarisation shown above, people are likely to chose nature during their day. Undeniably couples want even more of nature. In all forms. Specifically for portraits, ceremony, dinner etc. Basically, people seem to want to feel the connection to nature and celebrate in the biggest room we’ve got, outdoors. The more the better!

Wedding trends, Elopement in Venice walking over the bridges in Venice chatting
Venice in April, how gorgeous right?
bridal hairdo's and a couple standing in a window forehead against forehead
Window lights ftw
Reading his vows out in nature
Mountains in Sweden, adventure elopement with an
outdoor ceremony after a 4 day hike

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